More Recent Wrasslin’ News

      What better way to start off the month of February 2014 with instead of talking about the merits of both Nickelback and I,FRANKENSTEIN,I’ll instead talk about more wrestling news(lots has been happening in the squared circle universe lately)…

     * CM PUNK LEAVES THE WWE: Lots of massive chatter have been running amuck around the ‘Net for the last couple of days after CM Punk walked out on the WWE,right before both WrestleMania 30 and the end of his current contract,with both Vince McMahon and the Punk fans wanting Punk back,but Triple H and many of the behind-the-scene people wanting Punk to be gone. With Punk gone(for now),the wise thing for him to do right now is to just merely take some lengthy time off and possibly take the Brock Lesnar route in joining the UFC,since Punk fights more like an MMA fighter than a wrestler and he would be a great fit for the Land Of Georges St. Pierre(GSP),Frank Mir,Ronda Rousey,and (of course)Dana White,working there for a few years and then returning to the WWE to work a limited schedule with much higher pay,for if it can work for Brock then it can also work for Punk,rather than Punk being forced to return and then quickly retreating away once again(instead of making high demands for both better pay and a top spot[while near the end of his previous contract] like he did three years ago).

    * MATT HARDY ARRESTED: Former WWE superstar-turned-indie wrestling performer Matt Hardy has befallen upon his demons again,this time having been arrested(along with his wife Reby Sky) for being intoxicated and getting into a physical altercation with Sky. Very sad to hear this,remembering how Matt spent the last two years heavily plagued by drug abuse problems that landed him in both jail and rehab and nearly ruined his career,which he re-invented via heavily working through the indie circuit(in federations such as Ring Of Honor and Extreme Rising). Hopefully ,Matt will keep his head fully clear and stay out of further trouble that could possibly scar(and ruin) his career rebuild attempt.

  * MORE STING IN THE WWE: With CM Punk gone and MVP having debuted in TNA,it’s getting to become more possible that Sting will make that long awaited jump to the WWE,with the WWE executives talking with Sting about becoming a possible new WWE Raw General Manager after Wrestlemania 30,for as silly as it sounds I’d rather see the Stinger don the General Maanger attire than both the ridiculous Brad Maddox and the obnoxious(and highly unwatchable) Vickie Guerrero,for anything to get Sting into the WWE,as well as be a bravely strong crusader for Daniel Bryan and all of the other face wrestlers.

   There you go with more wrestling news,for I’ll discuss more when they crop up…

R.I.P.: Oscar Winner Philip Seymour Hoffman

Steven M.

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Current Wrasslin’(Wrestling) News

       With the massive negative fallout from last night(as of this writing)’s Royal Rumble 2014,I just had to jump into doing a quick blog on the current goings-on in the world of the squared circle…

      * ROYAL RUMBLE 2014: everyone(including the WWE’s very own Mick Foley) was very angered and upset by it,but I surely wasn’t since I always expected it end that way,with Daniel Bryan beaten,Randy Orton and The Wyatt Family triumphant,and Batista winning the Rumble,since that’s the way the WWE always works(and functions).

     * TNA: it’s a badly sinking ship from the rumors that have been going around,with Sting reportedly having jumped off that ship(with his contract having ran its course) and Kurt Angle soon likely to follow(since his contract is up this coming September).

    * R.I.P.: MAE YOUNG; a legendary women’s wrestler(who was very active in the late 90s/early 00s[/2000s] as the resident dirty old lady) is sadly gone,and will be heavily missed.


   * EDDIE EDWARDS AND DAVEY RICHARDS IN TNA: Ring Of Honor’s American Wolves are now aboard the shipping TNA ship,since the WWE’s Triple H didn’t want them(and is much more interested in concentrating upon both the NXT/FCW developmental wrestlers and obtaining Sting),for we’ll see how long their TNA ride will last.

  * JEFF JARRETT’S AND TOBY KEITH’S NEW WRESTLING FEDERATION AND KONNANB’S AMERICANIZED VERSION OF AAA: They’re both slowly in the works and I won’t comment on them until they actually happen(and become a reality). Best to luck to the three of them,BTW.

   * HULK HOGAN AND RODDY PIPER AT WRESTLEMANIA 30: It’s confirmed to happen,although I really hope that it’s only on a WrestleMania Piper’s Pit segment and not an actual unnecessary wrestling event(considering that Hogan is in too bad of a shape to actually wrestle).

  * WRESTLING PODCASTS: It seems that everybody nowadays has one,from Jason “Solomonster” Solomon to Don Tony and Kevin Castle,to Konnan(and his good pals Court Bauer and Maurice St. Laurent) and Jim Cornette(who is the most over guy in wrestling,alongside Daniel Bryan),with a lot of their own opinions to say.

  * DANIEL BRYAN’S PROMISED 2014 MONSTER PUSH: With the WWE folks not having faith in him but yet constantly getting an endless crowd reaction(even when he joined the heel team The Wyatt Family,and isn’t included in the Royal Rumble 2014),the WWE is now slowly listening to the fans/WWE Universe and heavily promises that Bryan push,although when it’ll eventually happen is another likely real life story.

 * THOSE “STING IN THE WWE” RUMORS: Now that his TNA contract has ended,rumor has it that Triple H has been courting Sting,advising him not to return to TNA(where he’s accomplished everything he ever wanted over there,and there’s nothing left to achieve for him there) and to join the WWE,even to the point of re-naming him “A Man Called Sting” (Rolls Eyes),as well as rumors of a deal always in place between HHH,the WWE and Sting. With the Sting merchandise(that’s connected to his WCW past) and eventual future WWE Hall Of Fame induction in place,as well as the monstrous negative response to the Royal Rumble wins of Randy Orton and Batista(and the endless hate for John Cena),it hopefully looks as though Sting In The WWE might actually happen,since that would bring a much needed enormous charge back to the WWE and spark major interest in both them and the Universe(the WWE fans/fanbase),as well as slowly build up that longly wished Undertaker/Sting WrestleMania Streak match,even if it would take a year to properly build around it and maybe start off as Sting being ‘Taker’s secret mystery partner against The Shield(which causes their break-up[and Roman Reigns to turn face]),as Jason Solomon/Solomonster wisely suggested(with having a WWE Raw vignette of ‘Taker digging out a coffin from the WCW cemetery[complete with a crow landing on the coffin's tombstone] and bringing it to his PPV Shield match,where he opens it up to reveal Sting inside,who then immediately popping out from the coffin and ready to fight),and then later have a major fall-out that sets up the WrestleMania match as a Streak Vs. Career match. As well as have Sting get into some matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan,CM Punk,Brock Lesnar,Batista,Randy Orton,and The Rock(when he makes his eventual return). And yes,Sting would also have to be on a limited contract basis(ala Brock Lesnar,The Rock,and Rob Van Dam/RVD) in order to fully accept the WWE’s latest deal.

    There you go with my thoughts on the current news of wrestling,without a mention of that delusional,out-of-touch-with-reality,Panda Energy-based middle aged lady from Spike TV land(just add the initials DC and D….land and you’ll immediately know you I’m referring to here[without giving any unnecessary free publicty]).


Steven M.

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RIP Gary Arlington, underground comix hero | SF Arts

RIP Gary Arlington, underground comix hero | SF Arts.

Reading about the passing of the guy who was important to establishing the comic book scene brings back a lot of memories,for I used to regularly frequent his comic book store during my teen years(late 70s-early 80s)and early-to-mid 20s and Gary always pushed me to pursue my dreams of pursuing work in the genre business,which unfortunately got overcrowded during my time of pursuing it:too late this computer technology we now have wasn’t around then.

Reading the many tributes to Gary made me realize how much of an inspiration he was to a lot of people,and it makes glad to have known him during my years of san Francisco life,for he’ll definitely be heavily missed.

The Oscar Nominations Are Out,For Surprised To See THE LONE RANGER Up For Two Oscars(Best Make-Up and Best Special Effects) and BAD GRANDPA up for another Oscar(Best Make-Up),With Leonardo DiCaprio Up For A Best Actor Oscar But Tom Hanks Completely Left Out

Steven M.

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The Best And Worst Films Of 2013

       Well,we’re two weeks into 2014 and I’ve been just basically laying back and being relatively lazy,so I have to get myself up and quickly write down about which films I loved and hated in 2014.

       BEST OF 2014

       PACIFIC RIM: Guillermo del Toro lets out his inner love for Japanese sci-fi/monster film with his big budget homage to that very genre,letting it fully embrace the sci-fi nerd within us all.

      THE CONJURING: Lots o’ nice scares,and based on a true story(for real).

      GRABBERS: Cool Irish sci-fi monster fun,with a nice tough heroine to keep things exciting and tentacle beasts on the loose.

      NINJA 2: Scott Adkins,Kane Kosugi,ninjitsu going loose,martial arts mayhem. ‘Nuff Said !!

      CHINESE ZODIAC(a.k.a.: ARMOUR OF GOD 3/OPERATION CONDOR 3): Old school Jackie Chan fun,his best film in years.

      100 BLOODY ACRES: Fun and gory Australian backwoods horror that’s quite a joy(and a real hoot).

      Also noteworthy: MAMA,STOKER,CURSE OF CHUCKY,THE PURGE(even if you can see the twist finale coming a mile away),K-11(cult worthy men’s prison yarn,with the novelty idea of women playing the transsexual males inmates,courtesy of Kristen Stewart’s stepmother[even if I'm not a fan of men's prison films]),LORDS OF SALEM(Rob Zombie is hit-and-miss[mostly miss],but impresses with this dark and bleak witchcraft tale),THE LAST STAND and BULLET TO THE HEAD(both flopped,box office-wise,but both showed that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have Still Got It)DARIO ARGENTO’S DRACULA 3-D(super cheesy but very fun,for throw a brick at me for liking it).

     MISSED SEEING: YOU’RE NEXT,ESCAPE PLAN,HERE COMES THE DEVIL,THE WORLD’S END(even if I’m not much of a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright fan),


        WORST OF 2014

        TEXAS CHAINSAW 3-D: The Family(the magic that makes these films click) gets killed off,making Leatherface become both a slasher and the film’s tragic hero(?!?!) at the heartwrenched finale. Gives you a much bigger appreciation for LEATHERFACE:TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3.

       AMERICAN MARY: Lameass wannabe horror chic from the Terror Twins(or is that Terror Twits) Jen and Sylvia Soska.

      BUTCHER BOYS(a.k.a.: BONEBOYS): Mean spirited and braindead TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE rip-off,with a cannibal Hispanic gang doubling for the Leatherface/Sawyer family and lots of Really Stupid Moments,which(along with TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE:THE NEXT GENERATION) shows why Kim Henkel shouldn’t ever be allowed near a movie camera.         

      SUSHI GIRL: A decent cast(Tony Todd,Mark Hamill,Jeff Fahey,Michael Biehn,Sonny Chiba)all mercilessly collecting a mere paycheck for this abominable torture porn crime noir with a plot twist(featuring a minor character) that comes way too late.

      AMONG FRIENDS: Danielle Harris making a bland directing debut with this equally bland tale of bland characters gorily tortured at a dinner table by a Dragon Lady-esque Asian chick with vengeance on her mind. With Jennifer Blanc Biehn(in yet another of her crappy “grindhouse” films),A.J. Bowen(in a really bad wig,and getting castrated),cameos by Michael Biehn and Danielle Harris,and a complete anti-climax(that resolves nothing).

    THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO POND: Another crappy Danielle Harris film,with the likes of the Avellan Twins and James Duvall along for the ride into celluloid scuminess,as a group of vacationing friends hack each other up rather than teaming to fight the evil forces that are driving them to do it. Briefly released to theaters in 2009,but released in 2013 to pollute video store shelves,alongside the equally crappy ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LOVE.

    NO ONE LIVES: CM Punk wisely turned down the role of a ruthless serial killer who’s actually the hero fighting(and hacking apart) a backwoods family. Lots of really annoying characters and sheer stupidity left and right(despite a cool gore gag on our hero hiding inside the corpse of Brodus Clay),leaving no one entertained and showing that even the director of VERSUS is out for a mere paycheck.

   STITCHES: Killer ghost clown stalking annoying Irish teen characters,leading to no entertainment values. Even a good gory castration death(of a super obnoxious character) is badly wasted as a dream sequence.

   GALLOWWALKER: Wesley Snipes(before his prison stint) vs. hellbound demons and ghouls in this super dreary western horror yarn that was once intended for Chow Yun Fat,who dropped out(showing he’s got taste).

   BYZANTIUM: Brooding,moppy teen vampire yearns to escape her vampire lifestyle,without no merits(despite finding true love). Bloody but boring vampire yarn(with a sharp thumbnail replacing fangs) from Neil Jordan(who’s seen far better days).

   AMBUSHED: this Dolph Lundgren/Randy Couture mash-up was lame and boring,giving Lundgren almost nothing to do and having a despicably unlikeable supporting character as the lead.

  ALIEN UPRISING(a.k.a.: UFO): cool spaceship FX don’t salvage this talky and boring invasion yarn(with a really dumb finale) that has the humans rioting,looting,and acting crazy(and not much alien action),with Bianca Bree(Van Damme),Simon Brosnan(Pierce’s son),and Jean Claude Van Damme(Bianca’s Dad) in a semi-cameo.


    ANTIVIRAL(extremely lame debut from David Cronenberg’s son), FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY(cool looking metallic zombie creations but a lame plot and that ever annoying “found footage” subgenre sinks it), SLEEP TIGHT(dreary Spanish thriller),


     WARM BODIES(supernatural romance aimed at the zombie crowd),WORLD WAR Z(Brad Pitt and PG-13 zombie ?! Give me a fucking break !!!),I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2(the remake was terrible enough),HATCHET 3,INSIDIOUS:CHAPTER 2,KICKASS 2(all three films’ previous entries Mightily Sucked)

    That’s all for the genre cinema of 2013…

Steven Seagal Planning To Run For Arizona Governor: He Would Have Had A Much Better Chance Had He Went Into Politics Twenty Years Ago…

Steven M.

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Two Iconic Cinema Crusaders Gone

    2014 has started off with(needless to say) yet more celebrity passings,starting with James Avery and Juanita Moore and moving on to the following two iconic cinema crusaders who were very important figures in the way we watch films today…

   * Mike Vraney: Seattle,WA-based punk band manager who decided to go into the film company business by launching Something Weird Video in 1990,which became a very important film label in the restoration of many genre films that were long lost and forgotten,most of which consisted of 60s and 70s sexploitation films,as well as shorts from the 30s,40,50s,60s,and 70s. Vraney and his label also brought the likes of exploitation cinema producers Harry Novak,David Friedman,Michael and Roberta Findlay,and Barry Mahon to the mainstream,as well as shined a largely bright light on the films of the Findlays,Herschell Gordon Lewis,Joe Sarno,and Doris Wishman,and brought legendary Brazilian horror filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins(alias Coffin Joe) and his films to the U.S. and introducing him to a massive American audience(after being unknown to U.S. shores for 30 years),as well as kicked off the trailers compilations phenomenon that is still popular today. He was 56 and had a secretly hidden struggle with lung cancer,for his major contribution in widely opening the doors to exploitation and sexploitation cinema,as well as stating(and championing) the importance of film restoration(which started gaining momentum in the late 80s[courtesy of the now-dead laserdisc era]),is one that’ll never be forgotten.

   * Run Run Shaw: Both Renlung Shao,Run Run and his brother were Taiwanese immigrants who started the Shaw Brothers studios in the 30s and moving onward with films(courtesy of having China’s largest film studios) before making their eventual move onto the martial arts film genre,which they practically brought to life in the mid 60s and bravely charged onward with that very genre throughout the decades,bringing forth thousands of endless martial arts films(of various film companies and of the latter Bruceploitation phase[following Bruce Lee's death]),and enabling the careers of director Chang Cheh,actors Jimmy Wang Yu,Ti Lung,and David Chiang,and producer Raymond Chow,who moved on to start rival studio Golden Harvest,a company that enabled the careers of Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,and Sammo Hung. Like Golden Harvest,Shaw Brother also moved on to co-producing films with English language producers/studios,such as their famous collaboration with Hammer Films(they being LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES/THE SEVEN BROTHERS MEET DRACULA and SHATTER/THEY CALL HIM SHATTER). Run Run was the ripe old age of 106,having lived for a century(!!!).

      Coming Soon: my 2013 Best and Worst Films list.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY:THE MARKED ONES(a.k.a.: LATINO GHOSTS ON THE HOOD) Only Makes It To Number Two At The Weekend Box Office(With Disney’s FROZEN  Being The Week’s Number One Film),For Is That Psuedo Reality/Found Footage Ghostly Series Starting To Ware Out ?

Steven M.

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Even On Christmas,The DUCK DYNASTY Controversy Continues On…

      Yes,tomorrow(as of this writing) is Christmas day,but the controversy behind DUCK DYNASTY star Phil Robertson(over his remarks of homosexuality being close to bestiality,and blacks being more happier during the pre-Civil Right times) continues to live(and move onward),with a few well-known names having tossed their names into the hat(or,better yet,…hunting cap).

    First off,GOP candidate Ian Bayne discussed Robertson’s case the other day and claimed than Robertson is “a Rosa Parks for our times”. What ?!…. that wilderness hunting long bearded redneck is as important a historical figure as Rosa Parks ?! Not so,since Rosa Parks sat in the front of a bus in the early 60s(during the blacks segregation years) and helped bring forth the Civll Right crusade,while Phil Robertson is just a reality TV star/celebrity who’s got no historical refernces whatsoever,for Bayne’s remarks easily shows how delusional the right wing conservative movement truly is.

   Next,the “We Hate Everything And Everybody” folks at the Westboro Baptist Church are proudly standing behind Robertson for his anti-homosexuality remarks,showing where they fully stand. Well,at least these brainless hatemongers (for once) love both something…and someone(for a change).

   And now,right wing conservative party cover girl/airhead extradinnaire Sarah Palin has joined in on standing up for Robertson,saying that everyone that’s criticizing him are taking away his right to free speech(which Ian Bayne is also stating),yet admitted on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show that she hasn’t read his interview,which shows where she stands. With all of the nasty things I’ve said about Palin over the last few years,I’ll just let her latest actions speak for themselves.

   Cult film star/Andy Warhol stalwart Joe Dallesandro best summed it up on his Facebook page in saying that this media overhyping of Robertson’s remarks is just the media’s way of manipulating everyone into accepting all of this overhype,for Robertson should have know that whatever anyone says is bound to have consequences,as this case is fully proving,as well as that these are current politically correct times in watching what to say upon anything,including homosexuality(just ask Alec Baldwin). Speaking of which,major leaguw idiot/overhype journalist extradinnaire Geraldo Rivera(the corporate/political sell-out that he truly is) also threw his views into this situation,saying that “coksucking fag”(which Baldwin called a paparazzi photographer) isn’t homophobic. Well,it truly is(as well as a profane cuss word). 

   Otherwise,this whole situation over one man’s views(just because he’s a reality TV celebrity[whose show makes lots of money,has high TV ratings,and sells lots of merchandise at Wal-Mart) is getting pretty much out-of-hand and going way overboard,for hopefully this controversy and the fallout it’s causing will soon go away(as other media overhyped new story item does),since I couldn’t imagine the DUCK DYNASTY patriarch giving us all a fond Christmas present to best remember him by(other than just his TV series).

Next Up: End-Of-The-Year Blog Entry

Merry Christmas,Everyone !!!

Steven M.

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DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil Robertson: Free Speech Poster Child ?!

       Even though I despise the reality TV series(as much as other despicable reality TV shows),DUCK DYNASTY star Phil Robertson(of that wildly long bearded Louisiana backwoods-based family) recently made two really stupid statements,one comparing homosexuality to bestiality,and the other claiming that blacks were much happier in the pre-Civil Rights era,both statements which have a lot of people wildly fired up in doves.

       Despite the fact that everyone has a full-fledged right to free speech,I found it foolish for Phil to have uttered those two stupid statements(even though he has the right to say whatever he wants[via his successful TV series' clout]),since he should have first thought about the strong politically correct forces behind gay rights,and the rights of black America,as well as the fact that some people are saying that Phil had his free speech violated,for Phil’s statements were just merely opinions and have nothing to do with free speech,despite Republican senator Bobby Jindal having his back. Phil Robertson should just be lucky that he has both the fullest support of Wal-Mart to keep him as their poster child(since his image and photos are everywhere you turn at Wal-Mart) and his successful reality TV celebrity clout,for he can afford to take a hit from the forces of political correctness. He should just carefully catch what he says next time(and really know better),since George “Sulu” Takei doesn’t take too kindly upon anyone that’s part of the anti-gay establishment(who immediately end up on his Douchebags list).

Keanu Reeves’ New Film 47 RONIN Coming To Theaters This Christmas: It’ll Be Interesting Seeing How It Does At The U.S. Box Office(Since It’s Already Making Money Overseas,And Samurai Films Aren’t A Sell In U.S. Theaters[With The Exception of SHOGUN ASSASSIN])

Steven M.

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