50,And Still Going Strong

    Well,I’ve just turned 50 years old yet still feel like I’m still 14,but yet my body tells me that I’m not that young anymore.

    Nothing has pretty much changed nor is different for me,other than that the post-9/11 world has truly been a crazy,Internet obsessed place for the last 13 years that just gets wackier yet we all have to live in and fully deal with it.  Otherwise,I just had a quiet day eating at the local Mexican restirant(even though I’m not Hispanic,yet do look like I would be),and I plan on fully celebrating my birthday at this coming Saturday night’s Nine Inch Nails/Soundgarden concert at Planet Hollywood,which is the first stop on their tour and it’ll be quite an exciting night to look forward to. I’m also going to get tickets to Kiss’ Hard Rock Hotel/Casino three week November residency for myself and my Mom,who has been wanting to see them for the last five years and her birthday is happening during the first week of their residency shows,for getting those Kiss tickets will make it the third time I’ve seen them and her second time(since we first saw them back in 1979[when the whole family went as a family event,making it my first ever concert]).  I’ll let everyone know if I go to any other concerts(with The Joint’s All Star Rap concert coming in two weeks) or events in the next few weeks(since there are several interesting ones that are coming up).

   BTW: enter me as a member of the DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES fan club,since I also thought that film truly Rocks and does take CGI to another level,for I’d be shocked if the Oscars ignore this one(as well as the motion capture performances of Andy Serkis [Caesar] and Toby Kennell [Koba],who both really help make the movie),and I fully can’t wait for the next one(maybe have the apes and the humans team up to take on an army of mutant beings out to annihilate them both).

   Other than that,I’m outta here(for now,anyway)…

THE PURGE(2):ANARCHY Arrives In Theaters Today,For Hopefully It’ll Be As Good As The First Film,And ANNABELLE(THE CONJURING Spin-Off/Prequel[About That Creepy Looking Doll]) Looks Pretty Damn Cool,Too

Steven M.


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      Well,according to the link below,Tom Cruise’s latest film EDGE OF TOMORROW(alias his latest attempt at replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the big budget,big screen sci-fi action cinema icon) has badly bombed at the box office…


     It’s bad enough that the mainstream media won’t admit that Tombo’s new film mightily failed,to the point that that place a B in place of the word “bomb”. Since having seen Tombo’s career rise and semi-fall throughout the last 33 years(as well as seeing him as an acting rival during my time in the early-to-mid 80s at attempting an acting career[which seeing the fallout of so many 80s stars makes me glad that I didn't]),for here’s my unbiased opinion on why his new film bombed…

     First,I’ll have to give Tom Cruise credit as a studio groomed star who started out as a mainstream drama big screen pretty boy,but in the 90s and early 00s/2000s eventually blossomed on his own as a decent actor(ala his roles in THE FIRM,the first two MISSION IMPOSSIBLE films,COLLATERAL,and INTERVIEW THE VAMPIRE),but unfortunately in the mid 00s his career suddenly took a major skid when he divorced his then-wife Nicole Kidman for a brief affair with Penolope Cruz(who has since married Javier Bardem),and later an affair and marriage to Katie Holmes(that lasted for a few years),which he proudly declared on an Oprah Winfred episode by excitedly jumping on her couch( and did one monstrous box office flop after another(VANILLA SKY,WAR OF THE WORLD),as well as his public admiration of Scientology(which he happens to be a proud card carrying member of) and verbally criticizing those who speak against his religion,to the point that he took a co-starring third billed role in a Robert Redford film. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE(4):GHOST PROTOCOL(as super ridiculous as it was) was a major success that spiked up his career and showed the bright promise of an almighty career comeback,but unfortunately not long enough following the failure of his actioneer JACK REACHER.

   The majorities of celebrities of the last 60 years have gone on from being heavily built-up big name stars to frequent low budget cinema workers a handful of years later,showing that the longevity of a successful film career doesn’t mean much anymore,even if you win an Oscar(just ask the likes of Hilary Swank,Forrest Whitaker,Adrian Brody,and Lou Gossett Jr.). This situation has pretty much happened to the one-time-big-time likes of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger,who nowadays have to rely on THE EXPENDABLES films to keep their careers fully going,with Tom Cruise being no expection to that rule,since he’s as much a vulnerable and expendable star as everyone else in Hollywood. And the fans that used to enormously love him are now tired of him,his openly exposed personal life,and the media overhype over him and his movies,and have just basically moved on to newer actors and actresses.

    Otherwise,a recent box office failure(amid many of his recent films that have underperformed at the box office) is just another day in the park for the man that used to be on top of the world with TOP GUN and RISKY BUSINESS,but now has to take a regular walk in the park just like everyone else.

Self Indulgent End Comment: In Ten Days Is My 50th. Birthday,And I Still Feel Like I’m Fourteen Years Old; I Will Do An Upcoming Self Indulgent Blog Entry About The Age Thing Real Soon…

Steven M.

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Guillermo Del Toro Says He’s Prepared To Do ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ As PG-13 Now|The Playlist

Guillermo Del Toro Says He's Prepared To Do 'At The Mountains Of Madness' As PG-13 Now|The Playlist.

According to the link above,Guillermo del Toro has announced that this pet project AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS,which he was originally going to film a few years ago with Tom Cruise attached to the project but it got its plug pulled by the studios,who wanted it to be filmed on both a lower budget and for a PG-13 rating,for del Toro has expressed interest in re-assuming production on his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic story,with a big budget still in mind but he’s willing to scale it down for a PG-13 rating just to get it filmed,for anything to get this movie made, for all I care about is that it turns out to be a real good film,no matter what it’s rated,for I’d rather take a del Toro backed Lovecraft adaptation over a gratuitious remake or another retread anyday.

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Arrives In Theaters Next Week,For It Looks To Be More Than Just Good(With Advanced Word Saying That It’s THE GODFATHER 2/THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Of The APES Saga)…

Steven M.

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DEADLY FRIEND: Director’s Cut Petition

I just stumbled across a very interesting petition,one being for the original Director’s Cut of Wes Craven’s DEADLY FRIEND,a horribly botched 1986 film that was heavily marred by constant studio-forced re-shoots,re-edits,and a forced grim finale(that didn’t quite fit the film).

Now there’s a large petition drive to convince Warner Bros. to allow Shout!/Scream Factory to construct and release DEADLY FRIEND’s original Director Cut(as a future Blu Ray/DVD set),in the version(and vision) that both Craven and (Oscar winning) scriptwriter Bruce Joel Rubin originally intended for us all to see.

I’m all for seeing this film once again,and even more so if that Director’s Cut does get released onto Blu Ray/DVD,since if the upcoming Blu Ray releases of both NIGHTBREED:The Director’s Cut(coming on October 28th.) and HALLOWEEN 6:THE PRODUCER’S CUT(for that upcoming HALLOWEEN series collection Blu Ray set) can both happen,then the DEADLY FRIEND Director Cut is a sheer possibly,as long as we fully sign and support the petition for that impending future release.

Here’s the link to that petition below…


The WWE Now Offically Sucks,Via Both John Cena And AJ Lee(As Stale,Boring,And Tiresome As Both Of Their Shitcks And Personas Are) Retaining Their Title Belts,Emma Getting The Boot(Via Her Shoplifting Arrest At Wal-Mart),And New Talent Being Kept Down,Ala TNA And The Immensive Egos Of Triple H And The McMahons,For It’ll Have To Take Court Bauer To Get ROH(Ring Of Honor) To Become The No. 2 Promotion(Even If Both Jim Cornette And Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi Constantly Shit On That Federation),Since TNA Doesn’t Have Its Shit Together And Both Global Force Wrestling And The American Version Of AAA Are Just All Talk,Talk,Talk And Less Actual Constrcution Of Both Impending Companies/Federations…

Steven M.

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TNA New York,WWE MITB 2014,Fanboys/Geeks,And Transformers

    Yep,it’s time once again for another rant(of things on my mind)…

   * TNA In New York: this week at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom(the same venue where ECW,ROH/Ring Of Honor,and the WWE held their events) was the first of several N.Y. shows that were important Make-Or-Break/Do-Or Die events for TNA and its head honcho Dixie Carter(with ex-TNA stars Matt Hardy[reunited with brother Jeff [who’s wisely ditched his Omega Wrestling-birthed persona Willow The Wisp),Tommy Dreamer,and Homicide back to add muscle to the roster),for their Spike TV deal is up for renewal this Fall and while things have been pretty quiet about it,the shows were surprise sell-out events for the Carter federation and it’s anyone guess whether or not their Spike TV deal gets renewed,a deal that spells whether or not TNA will still be in existence(or kept alive on another cable TV network).

  * WWE Money In The Bank 2014: while many wrestling insiders are predicting that John Cena is going to win the title belt(a very stupid move that’ll only drive the fans to TNA),my prediction is that either the likes of Roman Reigns,Bray Wyatt,or (a MITB briefcase cashing) Seth Rollins will win the title belt,for fresh new blood/faces are what is truly needed to keep the WWE alive and well.

   * Toby Keith Gone From Global Force Wrestling: that’s what the rumors are claiming about the latest goings-on in Jeff Jarrett’s impending federation(which luckily has received ROH and Mexico’s AAA as co-partners to exchange wrestlers with),for whether it’ll actually happen,ala the still-in-the-works American version of AAA,is anyone’s guess(since there’s more talk about both GFW and American AAA happening than an actual construction of both impending federations).

   * Movie Of The Week: HIDDEN IN THE WOODS,Chilean filmmaker Patricio Valledare’s severely brutal,grim,grisly,and gritty Chilean film that has everything to offer: incest,rape,a homicidal inbred brother,an animalistic criminal father,gory deaths,simulated fellatio,drugs,alcohol,severed limbs(such as arms,legs,torsos,and fingers),a bleak finale,and cannibalism,for it widely deserves all of the praise and overhype that it’s received and is an Absolute Must-See,with the only downbeat thing about it being that it’s got an upcoming Michael Biehn(who’s playing the depraved father) produced(and co-starring) U.S. remake(with Valledares directing) on the way(with the wise casting of William Forsthye as the drug czar Uncle Costello).

   * Another Genre Fanboy/Geek/Hipster Annoyance: now those dumbasses(the fanboys/geeks/hipsters,that is) are saying that you’re a whiny fanboy if you complain about Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie,for both QT and RZ Are Not filmmaking Gods and everyone has the full fledged right to criticize whoever they want to criticize,for another reason why those fanboys/geeks/hipsters can easily Go Fuck Themselves !!!

   As usual,that’s it for now…

As Sad As It Is Of Marvel Now Reigning Over The Summer Theater Screens(Knocking The STAR WARS Films To The Christmas Season),Michael Bay’s Fourth TRANSFORMERS Film(With Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg Replacing Current Celebrity Jailbird/Troublefinder Shia LeBeouf) Is Coming Our Way This Weekend,For (as Usual) I’m Avoiding It…

Steven M.


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Laura Dern Says David Lynch Is ‘Definitely Cooking’ Up A New Film

Laura Dern Says David Lynch Is 'Definitely Cooking' Up A New Film |The Playlist.

According to this link,Laura Dern says that David Lynch,who hasn’t made a film since 2006’s INLAND EMPIRE,is slowly getting into gear upon working on a new film,which is wonderful news to hear,knowing how Lynch’s unqie(if bizarre) style of filmmaking has widely influenced a great many filmmakers of this generation.

I just strongly hope that it’s an awful lot better than INLAND EMPIRE.

And if any if curious to know,I thought that WOLF CREEK 2 Sucked: a nice looking film with lots of grand gory setpieces but too much of a lengthy macho showdown game and too much of John Jarratt’s endless scenery chewing(and hamming up),as great of an actor as he is,but the film wears out its welcome too fast. Director/co-writer Greg McLean should stick to doing original films that expand his filmmaking skills instead of attempting to be the new Rob Zombie(as he does with WOLF CREEK 2).

The New EXPENDABLES 3 Looks Too Damn Weak: The Stars Are All Badly Aging,The Storyline Looks Really Lame,TWILIGHT’s Kellan Lutz Is Really Out-Of-Place Here,No Celebrity Henchmen For Villain Mel Gibson(Considering How Steve Austin Was Faithfully By Eric Roberts’ Side In Part One,And Scott Adkins By Jean Claude Van Damme’s Side In Part Two),And Way Too Many New Members On The Team(Could Have Had Wesley Snipes And Antonio Banderas As Side Villains:No Wonder Jackie Chan And Steven Seagal Both Turned Down Doing This Film),Although Ronda Rousey Looks Great,Even Though Her Character Is A Set-Up For The Planned Spin-Off Film THE EXPENDABELLES(To Feature An All Star Veteran Female Action Cinema Cast)

Steven M.

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Daniel Bryan,Gun Violence,Tea Party,Fanboys/Geeks,Tom Cruise Falls,And Lots Of Other Random Stuff

    Without any further due,I’ve got lots of various random stuff to talk about,for here goes…


    * Due to his recent neck injury,Daniel Bryan has recently been stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt,which comes as no surprise,since the likes of Vince McMahon,Triple H,and Stephanie McMahon have never had any faith in him and swamped his title run with dozens of horrible storylines(which are best left unspoken of). Many complain that he’s either held down or highly overrated,but the point is that Bryan’s talents has elevated him to the top(with a little extra help from his stint on TOTAL DIVAS) and with that there’s no doubt that he’ll eventually re-win the WWE title belt(sometime when he’s fully healed up).

   * With the recent gun incident involving a methed-up,Tea Party adoring couple having shot up a few cops and a local Wal-Mart entrance(before taking their own lives) and a gunning at an Oregon school,there’s been a lot of talk about gun violence,with one side yearning for stricter gun laws and the other yearning for complete gun control laws. While I’m neither pro-guns nor anti-guns,I just think that there should tougher laws against such crimes that would cut down on much gun related violence.

   * I’m so tired of these silly genre fanboys/geeks(and hipsters,too) that have been populating the Internet for the last 10 to 12 years,with their ridiculous antics of shilling for crappy films and causing troublesome flame wars and Internet drama,for what happened to the days when fans used to live together in unity instead of sheer rivalry against one another(and not referring to themselves with such stupid sub-names as fanboys,geeks,and hipsters),as well as stating stupid stuff such as  “You’re not a true horror fan because you don’t like HOUSE Of 1000 CORPSES and the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake !!! Waaaaaahhhhhh !!!!”,or writing mindless dribble on YouTube wrestling commentary posts.  Please—-give me a break !!! Whether it’s in horror,action,martial arts,MAA,cult movies,comic books,sci-fi,or wrestling,fanboys/geeks are everywhere and we all have to put up with them whether or not we like it.

  * Republican Eric Cantor lost his election bid and political seat to a Tea Party candidate,for it’s extremely frightening upon knowing how the Tea Party has both replaced the (more lenient but still conservative)Libertarians as the top third political party(even though they are the uber/neo-conservative descendants of the Republicans) and how they’re showing how much strength and power they have when it comes to both politics and elections(something for both the [close minded]Republicans and the Democrats[no longer the lenient party to comfortably lean upon]),for hopefully they’ll never score any top political seats in the near future or it’ll be a lot of less freedom and more controlling government that we’ll sadly look forward to(if the Teas win more political seats).

  * I’ve noticed how Jim Cornette has made some recent remarks on his MLW Radio podcast show about MLW’s head honcho Court Bauer being a cheapskate(which I disagree on),for it seems more to me that Cornette is more furious about his fellow MLW compadres Maurice Saint Laurent and Khronic Konnan(which I nowadays refer Konnan,as given his pro-marijuana stance) being close buddies with Cornette’s main enemies Vince Russo,Ed Ferrera,and Mark Madden,all of who have had MLW guest stints(with the recent two guest stints being Ferrera and Russo),for I’m wondering whether Cornette will renew his MLW contract later this year or go solo with his own independent podcast show.

  * The less said about the recent release of those five Gitmo Bay terror suspects for exchange of that captive American(who’s rumored to have Islamic ties),the better,for I highly agree with Don Tony(Anthony DeBlasi) that those five terror suspects will face a future of being blown up(to kingdom come) by drones(which are pretty much everywhere[on the other side of the world]).

  * TV shows such as GAME OF THRONES,TRUE DETECTIVE,THE WALKING DEAD,SALEM,PENNY DREADFUL,MAD MEN,BREAKING BAD,DEXTER,SONS OF ANARCHY,TRUE BLOOD,and AMERICAN HORROR STORY are showing both regular TV and movies that being lengthy,adult orientated lengthy movie-like shows/mini-series is how great celluloid entertainment seemingly works nowadays,since they’re full of fresh ideas and originality that the other formats lack,and trend upon rough territories that both regular TV and movies are too scared to tremble upon(and fully explore). 

   That’s all for now,everyone…

Wow. A Shailene Woodley Love Story Tops Tom Cruise’s Latest Film At This Past Weekend’s Box Office,For Will Cruise Join Stallone And Schwarzenegger As The Guy Whose Films Can’t No Longer Grab A Hold Of Number One Box Office(Unless It’s An EXPENDABLES Film) ? BTW: MALEFICENT Is A Pretty Great(And Entertaining) Film(A Revisionist Retelling Of SLEEPING BEAUTY,From The Villain’s Side).

Steven M.



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