Should Pantera And Original Guns N Roses Line-Up Reunite ?

       Here’s something I just felt I had to quickly write about…

       There’s been lots of word on the Internet about two certain bands that should reunite,since Led Zeppelin isn’t ever going to do it(via singer Robert Plant’s never ending reluctance due to both the loss of drummer John Bonham[who was his best friend],and how being reunited wouldn’t feel the same,ala The Beatles’ similar feelings in the mid-to-late 70s),at least by their die hard fans that strongly refuse to believe that those two bands should remain dead and just move on,for I’m talking about both Pantera and Guns N Roses’ original line-up.

      I’m no fan of either of those two bands,although I do respect the musicianship in both of them(although the antics of GNR singer Axl Rose are in a completely separate universe). I won’t get into some people wanting to see Axl reunite with his original bandmates Slash(Saul Hudson),Steven Adler,Duff McKagen,and Izzy Stridlin,since those reunion chants have been going on for the last five-to-ten years,for it’s the heavily yearned Pantera reunion that’s been getting a lot of on-line press,since both Pantera singer Phil Anselmo(who left the band in the early 00s/2000s) and bassist Rex Smith both want to do a reunion with (ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and) Black Label Society’s Zakk Wilde filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell,with drummer Vinnie Paul(Abbott) absolutely refusing to do so,feeling that without his brother Dimebag being there that there’s no chance of any Pantera reunion(as well as his strong feelings toward Anselmo for abandoning them and saying some derogatory stuff about Dimebag before his untimely death).

    Do I think that both the original Guns N Roses line-up and Pantera should both reunite ? No !! Mainly because Axl strongly hates Slash and drummer Steven Adler is an absolute mess from his years of endless drug abuse(he can’t even barely talk). And there’s no way that Zakk Wylde can ever replace Dimnebag Darrell,since Dimebag was one of a kind and Zakk may be a splendid guitarist but yet can’t tackle the amazing feats that Dimebag accomplished,and Vinnie strongly hates Anselmo.  You can’t force people into doing any type of reunion just because it’s heavily yearned for,which is wrong since people just want to move on with their lives and can’t re-live past glories just to feel special or magical again. It’s also very wrong to cuss out Vinnie Paul just because he doesn’t want to do the Pantera reunion,although I do feel that Phil,Rex,and Zakk might just do it with both a different drummer and a different name,via Black Sabbath’s reunion with Ronnie James Dio as Heaven And Hell,for if Vinnie,Axl,and Robert Plant don’t want to do reunions,they don’t have to and it’s very foolish to demand or enforce one to happen whether or not the musicians want to do it.  

   The fools(mainly the on-line ones[who enjoy endlessly trolling on about it] and corporate shills(such as Vegas Rocks! magazine) should just fully accept it when it comes to landmark bands not wanting to do forced reunions,even if those musicians don’t need the money nor the urge to do it.

22 JUMP STREET: I’d Rather Jump Off Either A Cliff Or Las Vegas’ Stratosphere Tower Than Watch This On-Screen Atrocity

Steven M.

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It may annoy the hell out of some people,but I’ve been a STAR WARS fan since the first film came out in 1977(when I was 12 1/2 going on 13,and the film played in San Francisco,one of the few exclusive cities it was reelased in[where it became mega-successful] before going nationwide[to further monstrous success) and closely followed up on it(and all of its sequels and prequels),although I didn't collect the action figures,post-RETURN OF THE JEDI comic books,and spin-off novels and video games,nor follow THE CLONE WARS TV series(which recently ended its run). When I learned that Disney bought the rights to film the remaining STAR WARs sequels/Episodes 7,8,and 9,I was heartfully excited,even if knowing that it was J.J. Abrams(whom I'm not a fan of) that landed the job of both directing and co-producing EPISODE 7(after several well-known genre filmmakers turned it down,unable to deal with the task[and pressure] of directing such a major anticipated film),and with Abrams sitting upon the director’s chair I have noticed quite a bit of very interesting things…

* J.J. Abrams is being very open in dropping tidbits,photos and rumors of EPISODE 7,even though he’s strongly denying it,which is somewhat(and kind of) a good thing in this Spoilers dropping Internet age,beating the rumors droppers at their own game,which makes him the anti-George Lucas(who was always Super secretive about the films).

* The original cast of Mark Hamill,Harrison Ford,Carrie Fisher,Peter Mayhew,Anthony Daniels,and Kenny Baker are back,amid a cast of practical newcomers(mainly veterans of brief TV work),with the best known name of the newcomers being John Boyega(who played the black gang leader in ATTACK THE BLOCK). Yet,Billy Dee Williams is missing,and James Earl Jones stated that he’s not part of the film(meaning there’s no return of Darth Vader[nor David Prowse]).

* The rumored subtitle is THE ANCIENT FEAR,making references to a rumored villain(being that of Max Von Sydow[as a possible new Sith lord coming out of lengthy hiding{with Adam Driver rumored to be his faithful henchman/Darth Maul-esque strong arm}]),with the rumored subtitle sounding as ridiculous as ATTACK OF THE CLONES and THE PHANTOM MENACE,but whatever…

* The rumored storyline has Luke as a Jedi master training his son Ben,Ben’s black friend,and Han’s(and Leia’s) son and daughter,with the son falling victim to The Dark Side,and everyone(including a long lost relative of Obi Wan/Ben Kenobi joining up with them) attempting their very best to save him.

* From what the leaked photos are displaying,most of the action takes place on Tattooie,Luke’s home planet(as well as his father Anakin’s) where some major battle between good and evil takes place,with various aliens and monsters being of the practical non-CGI make-up effects kind.

* EPISODE 7(along with Episodes 8 and 9) will be released around December 2015,since Marvel has now taken over all of the Summertime movie theater screens(which STAR WARS[along with JAWS] ironically made Summer as the major movie season) and it’ll fill the December/Winter season void that’s been widely left open by the LORD OF THE RINGS/HOBBIT films(which is ending its run this coming December with the third and final HOBBIT film).

This is pretty much all we know for now about EPISODE 7,for I’m sure more will be revealed about the new film as time moves on,mainly during the mid July San Diego Comic Con convention season,where the beans are always spilled,via Hollywood folks unexpectedly dropping by to reveal about their upcoming anticipated films,at that upcoming mainstream mecca nerd fest(to end all nerd fests).

That’s it for now…

Coming This Friday: EDGE OF TOMORROW, And Coming Soon: TRANSFORMERS 4 ;Two Films I Could Care Less About

Steven M.

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It’s June,And X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Sucks (!!!)

     It’s now June 2014,for half of the year is already over and I won’t elaborate on that,since I recently saw X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST,which all of the foolish fanboys/geeks/hipsters are loudly raving as the greatest X-MEN movie ever. Bullshit !!!!  It’s truly the worst in the series,being that I love both the X-Men and Wolverine films,except for this celluloid turd,which comes complete with its ridiculous corporate midget villain(who I was expecting to fly through the air and breathe out fire,volcanic lava,and laser beams from his eyes,mouth,and dick: too bad that Wolverine didn’t slice this puny prickface in length-wise half,for they might have well have had LEPRECHAUN as the villain here) and its heavily convoluted plot/storyline. Boy,both Ian McKellen and (especially)Patrick Stewart are really cruising along here for the mega bucks money(since Stewart’s Prfoessor X died in Part 3,and Stewart has said that he’s already done enough sci-fi films and TV shows at this point in his life). And both Halle Berry and Anna Paquin are barely in this film,either,for it’s more of a Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence vehicle despite brief appearances by Fan Bingbing(modern Asian genre cinema star) and Booboo Stewart(TWILIGHT) as new X-MEN team members. X-MEN:APOCALYPSE had Better Be Damn Good instead of this swift drift into Joss Whedon/IRON MAN/AVENGERS Suckiness territory. 

    There: I said it all(as painful as it is,but it all had to be honestly said).  I’ve got to go now…

    Wow. My 50th. Birthday Is Coming Up In 46 Days,And I Don’t Feel A Day Older(I Still Feel Like I’m 13). Days And Time Really Flies Quickly…

Steven M.


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GODZILLA,And A Fistful Of Other Films


     I just realized that we’re currently in the fourth week of May,for I now have to add a quick new blog entry before the month ends,with a handful of film reviews,for here goes…

   * GODZILLA(2014): being the faithful Godzilla fan that I am,I went to this film on its opening day with low expectations since seeing that the director was Gareth Edwards of the extremely boring MONSTERS,but boy,did this film really change my views,since it not only makes us immediately forget Roland Emmerich’s failed 1998 attempt at everybody’s favorite childhood monster icon but also proves that lots of good can come out of an Americanized version of one of Japan’s top cinematic trademarks. Sure,the film skimps on capturing Godzilla having full battles with his two new foes the Muto(who resemble something from a RIDDICK or Gamera film),copies a bit from both GAMERA:GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE and Jan deBont’s unfilmed Godzilla script(when he was attached to the film[at the time]),and concentrates more on the human drama(which is Edwards’ celluloid trademark),but Edwards fully understands Godzilla and makes Godzilla not only the hero here,even if he’s as animalistic and out-of-control as he was in the 90s incarnations,but also makes the actions of monster on the loose very strongly convincing and believable. As annoying as it is with Edwards cutting away from fully displaying the kaiju showdowns,I figure that he didn’t want to fully exploit(and overexpose) the monsters and just make a more cerebral Godzilla film(which is admittingly an interesting idea[and concept]),for maybe Edwards ought to next tackle either a drama or a slow burn genre film(whether it’s action or horror),otherwise he does succeed in redeeming an Americanized Godzilla film and turning out the most financially successful Godzilla film in American theaters(having already grossed around $80+ million[as of this writing]),for it’ll be interesting upon how the next American GODZILLA film will be(and what type of plot it’ll have).

   * THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2: Yes,it was a very good film,and a very fun film.  As Stan Lee always puts it, ‘Nuff Said !!

   * THE QUIET ONES: Hammer Films’ first film in two years bends upon both of the currently popular found footage and ghost story sub-genres and turns out a heavily mixedand disjointed film which has good performances but a weak plot(even if the blonde gal is a nice homage to Julie Ege). Being one of the biggest Hammer Films fans,I solely think that Hammer really needs to go back to their traditional roots in having talented and creative filmmakers,new contract studio ladies/actresses,attempts to fight off falling to the current decade filmmaking and film sub-genre trends,and attempt to create some new Hammer Films superstars,if they are to fully succeed and make it through the rest of the decade(and 21st. century) rather than solely existing as just being there(which is what it’s starting to feel like).

   * THE BUTTERFLY ROOM: Having seen a friend’s screener copy,all I can say is “Wow !!”  Made three years ago and has yet to be released on U.S. DVD/Blu Ray,this U.S./Italian film(with American stars and an Italian crew) features horror icon Barbara Steele(in her first top billed lead role in 48 years[!!!]) as a mentally unbalanced elderly lady who goes off the very deep end when she falls victim to a money scamming scheme,via a conning child and her amputee prostitute mother(who con middle aged and elderly ladies for money),and kills anyone who’s in her sights,no matter what sex,race,and age(including children) they are,as well as eventually terrorizes her (good relationship having) neighbors(a single swinging mother and her nine year old daughter). The trailer unfortunately makes it look like a psychotic child abuser film,which it really isn’t,and a strong supporting cast(Heather Langenkamp[as Steele's troubled,vengeful daughter],Ray Wise,Camille Keaton,and quick cameos by James Karen,P.J. Soles,and FRIDAY THE 13TH.’s Adrienne King)helps makes this a great and chilling film,as well as re-establishes Barbara Steele as the primo top horror queen(with her latest film LOST RIVER [formerly HOW TO CREATE A MONSTER] coming along the way). BTW: the title room happens to be where Steele stores more than just her butterfly collection.

  That’s the end of my reviews,and that’s also all for now….

So,Rob Zombie’s New Film Project Is Something Called 31(Instead Of His Planned-But-Canned 70s Hockey Drama BROADSTREET BULLIES),Eh ?! And He’s Teasing That It’ll Be Either HALLOWEEN 3/3-D(Since The Weinstein Brothers Are Slowly Gearing That Sequel Up[Without The Involvement Of Patrick Lussier And Todd Farmer,But With Scout Taylor Compton Reportedly Returning]),A New Captain Spaulding/Firefly Family Film,Or A John Wayne Gacy Tale,With The Fans All Wildly Riled Up and Rob Z. Kicking Back And Laughing About It(Since He Really Enjoys Manipulating And Toying With His Fans)

Steven M.

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The End Of Extreme Rising

LaBar: Reality Of Extreme Rising closing its doors.

As depicted in Justin LaBar’s article link above,would-be ECW “successor” Extreme Rising(formerly Extreme Reunion) has not only cancelled last weekend’s planned event(as it has with its past planned events),but has also folded as a company,meaning the end for that once-aspiring federation(which was planning its local TV show,with ex-WWE announcer Matt Striker and ex-ECW announcer Joel Gertner both co-hosting[that never got off the ground). It has also left lots of both wrestlers in that company and ticket paying fans very angered and upset about the chaos that has been left amongst them,ala Canada's similar problem plagued Hardcore RoadTrip(which did have a show happening,but also lots of unpaid and angry wrestling talents[stuck with no money to get a plane ticket home]).

Steve O’Neill is the man to blame for this fiasco,since he began the company two years ago with his brother Mike,wrestling promoter/producer Kevin Kleinrock(of XPW infamy),and wrestlers Cody Michael and Shane Douglas,the latter well known wrestling name who had been busily plugging and promoting the company since its very controversial beginning,a beginning which left fans who were burnt out by endless ECW reunions with a bad taste in their mouths(with Douglas eventually leaving the company late last year). Extrekme Rising was best known for keeping the names(and careers) of ECW veterans Sabu,The Sandman,New Jack(who since retired last year),Raven,Balls Mahoney,Axl Rotten,C.W. Anderson,Tony Mamaluke,Mustafa,Little Guido,The Blue Meanie,Jerry Lynn(who’s also retired last year),Douglas(in a few matches),and Stevie Richards(who was Extreme Rising’s World Heavyweight Champion) alive and busily employed,mixed in with newcomers such as Luke Hawx,Bestia 666,the tag team Blk Out,and Pesadilla,and was the career redemption of Matt Hardy(after a controversial drug-induced Internet meltdown that nearly ruined his career),who has since re-invented himself as a indie wrestling veteran(taking away the “King Of The Indies” title from C.M. Punk). It was also nearly ruined by the horribly botched 2012 debut show that was massively problem plagued,complete with two wrestlers(Sabu and Justin Credible) unable to perform(via alcohol and drug related issues),that nearly deep sixed the company,which then made a few improvements(a few months later) and moved onward,only to be severely dealt with numerous cancelled events in the latter coming months,with this year signaling the end coming in sight,despite a controversial title change from Stevie Richars to Luke Hawx that caused both men to separately leave the company.

I’m probably not giving the best in accurate details about Extreme Rising and how it rose and fell,but I’m just giving my two cents worth on it and I’m sad to see that a promising wrestling federation has mightily crashed and burned(and exploded into flaming pieces),leaving TNA as the only major wrestling alternate company(for now) that has outlasted the likes of XPW,MLW,3PW,Crossfire,Lucha Libre U.S.A.,WWA,MECW,XWF,NWA Wildside,Ring Da King,WSX,WWE’s version of ECW,OVW,and now Extreme Rising,which has now had quite an Extreme Falling.

Links to two articles perfectly describing the Extreme Rising situation…

Before I go,I did hear about the casting of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7,which pretty much leaves May 7th.(STAR WARS day) in the dust and massive frustration upon Billy Dee Williams(a.k.a.: Lando Calrissian) not being amongst the returning veteran cast members. BTW:that newcomer gal Daisy Ridley is pretty damn cute. At least they’re now readying to fully film the movie,for let’s strongly hope that it’s damn spectacular(after the kiddie-intended prequels[with the exception of the more adult EPISODE 3:REVENGE OF THE SITH]).

Well,Well,Well: Kentucker Audley’s Anti-Indie Films Petition Is Indeed An Epic Fail. BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA !!!! With Indie Genre Cinema Mightily Triumphing Stronger Than Ever…

Steven M.

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Quick Wrestling News (Plus Some Other Quick Items)

      Before I get to some wrestling news about Jeff Jarrett’s GWF(Global Force Wrestling),Sting,Daniel Bryan,and those endless Ultimate Warrior passing and Undertaker’s Streak defeat items,I’ve got to quickly get into some other things first…

     * I spent last weekend seeing both SABOTAGE and OCULUS,for OCULUS is basically SINISTER with a haunted mirror and it pretty much ends the same way(even if genre vet Katie Sackhoff[BATTLESTAR GALACTICA,THE BIONIC WOMAN,HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION,THE LAST SENTINEL] gives the film’s best performance),even though it does attempt to be different,while SABOTAGE is vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger action with a spin/twist and lots of nonstop action and gory carnage(such as a murder victim found stapled to the wall,with his shorn intestines hanging out,and a train crash victim whose remains are nothing but tattered flesh and a literal pile of intestines),and is the better film,with newcome Mierelle Enos stealing the show(as one of Arnold’s team members). 

    * Stephen Pearcy has once again left Ratt for a second time,after returning to the band in 2007(after they spent six years on the road with Pearcy sound-a-like replacement Jizzy Pearl[of Love/Hate and L.A. Guns,and now Quiet Riot],but couldn’t make a new album with him[due to the record companies wanting Pearcy on the vocals]),courtesy of all of the endless inner band turmoil(between various members) and drummer Bobby Blotzer’s bad attitude toward Peacry(going as far as saying on someone Facebook posted pic[of that poster's results of a bad car accident], “I wished this would happen to our singer”). Now Blotzer has killed that change of making any new music with Pearcy and Ratt(after 2009′s excellent retro album “Infestation”[which they received a Grammy nomination for]) and since Jizzy now has his current Quiet Riot gig,Da Blotz will have to find a new singer to continue onward(as long as they’re bale to put up with Da Blotz’s Nikki Sixx/Lars Ulrich-esque “I’m The Band !!!” attitude).  

    * Billy Norcera(of Razorback Records) mentioned on Facebook about horror bloggers bugging him for free copies of his new magazine Evilspeak,for I want to quickly point out here that I’m Not a horror blogger and my blog Isn’t a horror blog,since I talk about a lot of other things,such as wrestling,politics,action,martial arts,a little T&A and porn,whatever is on my mind that I really need to let out(since talking about one thing gets dull and stale really fast),and I Never ask for any freebies and always buy it on my own. BTW: I’m sure that Evilspeak is a great zine(as heavily publicized on the ‘Net as it is),but I unfortunately have got a super busy personal schedule and have no time to buy it or read it(or any other zine),as much as I dig and support indie zines.

    And now,onto the wrestling news…

    * Global Force Wrestling: Jeff Jarrett’s new impending federation is getting a lot of bad word around the IWC for its cheap looking video and its reality TV-esque approach,for I’ll save my word about it till Double J actually produces a shot of his company and one of their matches.

   * Sting has been appearing on the WWE Network’s Ultimate Warrior tribute segments,with a brand new reddish/brown dyed hair,which means he Actually Is In the WWE now(without listening to this “Sting Hasn’t Yet Returned His Sent Contract” bullshit,for it’ll be interesting to see when he’ll debut,if he’ll be debuting an new look(given his new hair color),or if he’s being saved for next year’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction(complete with Warrior-esque brief WrestleMania 31 and post-WM31 WWE Raw appearances). 

  * Daniel Bryan still has the WWE title and is now taking time off to mourn his recently deceased father and to mend injuries from his recent Raw encounter with Kane(his ex-Team Hell No partner). Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi,Kevin Castle,and all of the Bryan haters really need to get off of Bryan’s case since he’s worked hard in earning the title and is actually now getting time off to lay all of the massive Bryan overhype to rest(for now),and his Yes Movement/fans are now silent since they’re happy that he’s now got the WWE title and is having his go as WWE Champion(as much as I fully understand Don Tony and Kevin Castle’s disdain toward Bryan and his Yes Movement/fans). 

  * Yes,the Ultimate Warrior passing and The Undertaker WrestleMania 30 Streak loss are both endless subjects that continue to charge onward through the IWC and the ‘Net,since they were both extremely shocking and happened at the most unlikely moments. All can I add is that those subjects will both possibly possibly go on for the next couple of weeks and months until later this year,when something new and more shocking comes along.

    That’s it for now….

THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 Arrives In Theaters Next Week,Signaling The Official Start Of The Summer 2014 Movie Season(with the likes of the new GODZILLA and the new X-MEN movie coming along),For Hopefully It’ll Be Real Good(And An Improvement Over The Previous Spidey Reboot Film)

Steven M.

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THE RAID 2: BERANDAL ; A Super Brief Review

         This past weekend,I went to the local move theater to see THE RAID 2:BERANDAL,for needless to say the words “kickass”,”very cool”,”good”,”great”,”excellent”,and “awesome” just can not describe this all-too-incredible film,for Gareth Evans fully establishes himself as a genre filmmaker to be reckoned with,that Asian action cinema is once again established as a genre cinema to be reckoned with(and never under denied),and lead star Iwo Uwais establishes himself as the man who’ll easily take Tony Jaa’s place once Jaa reaches the big time(with the likes of FAST AND FURIOUS 7 and the Dolph Lundgren films A MAN WILL RISE and SKIN TRADE all slowly coming up). In fact,I’m not even going to give a full review of the film,since it’ll only give away too much and the best way to see the film is to just go out and see it for yourself,since it fully restored my faith in mainstream films(and films in general). For better yet,I’ll just give the links to a few video clips below…

          And if you’re eagerly hungry for a full review of THE RAID 2,check out Mark Tinta’s excellent movie blog…


         That’s all I’ll say about THE RAID 2,for once you’ve seen it you’ll not only be ready for THE RAID 3 but you’ll also wonder(as much as I still am) how the heck did this extremely violent(to the hilt) film easily get away with a R rating.

         BTW: I’m also stoked and very amazed at how many people went to my blog’s feature on the Ultimate Warrior’s passing without any advertisement from me. Truly amazing.

         Speaking of wrestling,I could care less about Nancy Grace and her Ultimate Warrior coverage,since she’s a media sensationalist(ala Gloria Allred,Ann Coulter,Al Sharpton,Jane Velez Mitchell,Howard Stern,and Geraldo Rivera) and sensationalists aren’t worth getting boiled up over,anyway.

The Comcast Dynasty Officially Begins,As it Not Only Buys Out Both Sony/Columbia and Lionsgate But Also Fearnet and Combines It With Both Chiller And SyFy(Sci-Fi Channel),For This Newly Formed Powerful Media Overlord Has Set Out To Swallow Your Soul(And Everyone Else That’s Around It)

Steven M. 


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