October Ramblings And Rumblings

October is here,for I can’t believe that it’s already two months before this year(2014) ends,for it’s the season of both cooler weather and Halloween,and quite surprisingly a lot of spirituality/New Age events(such as dances,meditations,and kirtans) are taking place and it’s something of the Indian side of my nationality heritage to deeply dwelve into.

BTW: I also got to see GONE GIRL,David Fincher’s Chick Flick With A Dark Side that not only strongly signals Ben Affleck’s comeback(following his second Oscar win with ARGO,and the critical success of THE TOWN) but is also a flawed but enjoyable film that starts off as a Missing Persons’ drama(that explores the manipulation of media sensationalist events[during tragic human traumas]) but suddenly transforms into a Conniving Madwoman thriller(ala BASIC INSTINCT without the explicit nudity),a role which female lead Rosemund Pike handles really well(as she did with her Bond girl-turned-[co-] villain in DIE ANOTHER DAY).  I would drop some spoilers and ask some questions but I don’t want to piss off the Anti-Spoilers crowd that get easily touchy once a surprise fact is dropped about the film(such as the fate of a certain 80s childhood icon-turned-well known gay actor[and HAROLD AND KUMAR co-star],and a slimy redneck couple that commit a heinous crime,but suddenly disappear from the story[,right when you expect them to pop up near the film’s very end]). Fincher surely knows how to make and construct a film,but always adds something to mightily piss the viewer off,but then again that’s the appeal of Fincher in knowing how to keep a film very mainstream even when it takes a David Lynch-esque leap into the dark side. Otherwise the Nancy Grace clone parody character(Ellen Abbott) was very funny,though,and Tyler Perry(sans his Madea drag) is actually really great as Affleck’s Johnny Cochran-esque lawyer. Expect many Oscar nominations(and wins) early next year for this film.

And like every other Internet horror fan,I am undertake the 31 Days Of Horror viewing month challenge,for I’ll let you all know what I watched next month.  And I did forget to tell everyone that the EVIL DEAD was actually a very entertaining and splattery film,even if it did heavily copy from Japanese horror.

I’ll be back later…

Latest STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 Rumor: Luke Skywalker Turns To The Dark Side ?!?!  Something To Just Take As Just Only A Rumor Until The Film Is Actually Released Next Year

Steven M.

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Of EPISODE 7 Plot Rumors,Celebrity Passings,and Another “Remake”

I know that this first entry that I’m about to jump into will annoy some folks,but I grew up a STAR WARS fan and I’m looking forward to EPISODE 7 a lot more than AVENGERS 2 and any other Marvel film. Don’t like it ? Tough !!!   Here we go…


There seems to have been a change in EPISODE 7’s plot,having been switched from being about the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia falling to THe Dark Side to the current rumored plot of Luke having made his home on Yoda’s planet Dagobah to further explore The Force,only to get kidnapped with Han Solo a new gang of new friends and allies to rescue Luke(with Chewbacca,See Threepio,and Artoo Detoo tagging along),with the villains having been rumored to be everything from Sith Inquisitors to Emperor Palpatine’s apprentice and his younger apprentice to vengeance seeking relatives of the Dooku family to a possible connection with The Empire(which is said to still exist,but only in small portions),as well as more rumors about Luke possibly falling to The Dark Side and the film opening with his dismembered hand and lightsabre floating in space and falling onto a remote planet,where it’s found by the characters of Daisy Ridley and John Boyeda and they meet up with Han,who recognizes it and organizes the rescue mission(as well as Luke having not been seen for over 30 years since the finale of RETURN OF THE JEDI).  I don’t know if any of these rumors are true(especially the ridiculous dismembered hand one),but I’ll admit that EPISODE 7 is sounding a lot more interesting and intriguing as more word about it comes along.


Both Joan Rivers and Richard “Jaws” Kiel have sadly become the latest celebrities to pass away.


With the debates about the controversial Michael Brown continuing on(something needs to be done with changing the “shoot first,ask questions later” police approach that has taken so many lives[with half of them being innocent people]),George Zimmerman is in trouble once again,this time having had a road rage incident and theatrening to kill the person he raged with. As much as several folks would wish that Zimmerman be placed inside someone’s personal burning Wicker Man figure/statue,I don’t wish nothing severely bad on that troubled knucklehead(which is what Zimmerman is) other than that Zimmerman had better be careful that he doesn’t wind up behind bars(and with a lengthy jail sentence),via his continuous knuckleheaded shenanigans.

As far as the latest remake news goes,I’ll end it all on this note…

I SAW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Is The Latest Planned Remake,For Wasn’t The Straight-To-DVD Sequel(Part 3) Practuically A Remake Of The First Film,And Were That Many Unanswered Questions (In The First Film) To Warrant A Remake ? And As Far As The Upcoming Remake/Reboot Of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN(Which Looks More Like A Rebooted Sequel) Goes: Looks Interesting,But—Meh !!

Steven M.

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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Triumphantly Survives,But Joan Rivers Unfortunately Doesn’t

WWE News: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Out Of Intensive Care Soon « CBS DC.

As depicted in the article link above(just click onto it for the news),Jake “The Snake” Roberts is recovering very well from his recent double pneumonia illness that caused him to get hospitalized during a Las Vegas flight(that casted him in a Vegas hospital),and will be out from there to further recover in the home of fellow wrestler Sinn Bodhi(WWE’s Kizarny),who has everyone updated on the latest news of Jake’s recovery back to full health. Glad to hear that The Snake Man is alive and well and hasn’t fallen like many of the other wrestlers of the 80s and 90s.

But unfortunately,we’ve lost Joan Rivers,who was hospitalized during the same week as Jake,but she fell into both unconsciousness and a coma during a vocal chords operation in a New York hospital. Joan was a pioneering innovator in establishing women doing both stand up comedy and risqué controversial comedy,as well as becoming one of the first female talk show hosts on television(even if her shows didn’t last long). She also had her only directorial film with 1978’s pregnant man comedy RABBIT TEST(which was savagely trashed by the film critics,but then again:what do those peabrains know ?) and one of the very few celebrities that was openly honest about the current satte of modern celebrities of the last 25-28 years,many whom she openly hated that she wasn’t afraid to call out on their rudeness,obnoxious public behavior,and overexposure in the media,a trend that she continued onward with on her E! Channel FASHION POLICE show in reviewing(and verbally barbequing) Tinseltown’s most badly dressed(and underdressed) celebrities(whether they were new or old). You’ve got to fully respect someone like Joan for that factor.

And before I go: Two Big Middle Fingers(and a very loud “Fuck You !!!!”)to the Ain’t It Cool site for allowing that clueless dumbass Quint to mercilessly trash both Sybil Danning and BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS(which helped THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK proudly carry the torch for sci-fi cinema in the early 80s,and got as much enormous fandom love for it as EMPIRE),saying that both are terrible,for terrible fully more describe what Ain’t It Cool has douched up the fandom culture in the last 15-17 years with their equally douchy “geek”/”hipster” culture that has really dumbed down the fandom scene in the last 13 years,for I got an awful lot respect for the likes of Dread Central,Fangoria,Dark Horizons,and even Bloody Disgusting,since they all get it and Ain’t It Uncool doesn’t. I feel sorry for the very cool state of Texas(I love the food,the Alamo Drafthouse theaters,and the people,but hate the ultra conservative politics) to being home to these genre scenester embracing hipsters.

The Next Two Weeks(Starting Today) Brings Two New Independent Horror Films To Theaters: INNOCENCE(A PG-13 Rated Tween Witchcraft-In-A-Private-Girls-School Yarn)and SOMETHING WICKED(An R-Rated Supernatural Tinted Thriller With The Late Brittany Murphy); Both Look Weak Yet They Should Be Seen During Their Theatrical Runs To Let The Studios Know How Much You’d All Really Want To See Indie Horror Films Receiving Much Wider Theatrical Releases(On Local And Nationwide Multiplex Screens)

Steven M.

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Being So Smella Bella

      Wow. September is now here and we’re now three months into the end of this year,for it’s time for me to put out a new blog entry…

      Lately,everyone has been criticizing WWE Raw in the last few weeks on the Internet and heavily barbequing it along the flaming hot coals,witht everything ranging from the underuse of several wrestlers to the lumbering commentary team of Michael Cole,Jerry Lawler,and JBL,the endless plugs for getting the WWE Network for $999(and $11.99 in Canada),and the current hot storyline of the feud between Brianna and Nicole Garcia,better know to everyone as Brie and Nikki Bella,The Bella Twins.

    Nikki has turned heel and has been declaring all-out sibling war on Brie,even going to the point of making video vignettes that trash Brie and telling Brie that she “should have died in the womb”. Sad to see how this extremely lame-o sibling feud storyline(which recalls the Bret and Owen Hart sibling feud of the early-to-mid 90s) is happening at the time when The Bella Twins have become the top leading Hispanic stars in the company,since the likes of Alberto del Rio and Mistico(the original Sin Cara) are gone and Rey Mysterio is being downsized(thanks to his current feud with the WWE heads over yearning for his release for the sake of joining his buddies in AAA). The storyline is only making them look like complete idiots(with Jerry Springer coming in on next week’s Raw to attempt to help them work out their differences: HAAAAAAAAA !!!!) and is embarrassing the WWE to the point that it’s resorting to the similar crapola storylines that struck them down in the early-to-mid 90s,as well as making TNA Impact look like MASTERPIECE THEATER(not that TNA will ever rise toward that level).

    With the likes of Sting in the company(and soon to eventually make his Raw debut),Batista having become a super successful movie star(more on that later),the monstrous success of Paul Heyman and the excellent reviews that his WWE DVD/Blu Ray documentary has received,and Brock Lesnar’s success as a World Heavyweight Champion(to the point he’s had his contract changed to enable him to hold the WWE title belt for a year) having made the WWE stronger than ever,the Double W E and its executives just need to really work on the storylines to make them more compelling and convincible,for maybe they should let Heyman overlook the storyline and use his input to vastly improve them(since he’s secretly helped out a lot of the WWE’s current stars since his return to the company,as well as helped make some of the UFC’s stars a lot more successful),which would really strengthen up the WWE to keep it from starting to fall as badly as they did 20 years ago(before their monstrously successful late 90s resurrection with The Attitude Era).

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Is Now The Year’s Number One Film At The Box Office,Via Its Nearly $300 Million Financial Gross Which Makes (Ex-Troma Films Scriptwriter)James Gunn The Most Successful Genre Filmmaker Since Joss Whedon And James Cameron,As Well As Dave Bautista(Batista) Into a Wrestler Who’s Moved Onto A Successful Fighting Ring-To-Acting In Career. Amazing…And I Still Haven’t The Movie…

Steven M.

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All Of This “WALKING DEAD’s Daryl Is Gay ?!” Bullshit…

     What’s much more obnoxious and annoying than the current fad of ASL orientated Ice Bucket Challenges(which I’ll do one as soon as I get access to a video camcorder and to uploading my video of after I do it) is this week’s endless on-line gossip and rumors upon whether or not THE WALKING DEAD’s Daryl(as portrayed by Norman Reedus) is Gay.

     First off,the answer is simply No,since Daryl likes Beth and previously liked Carol(in a platonic way),and Second,some Internet based people really have no life and just have nothing better to do than to spread such bullshit fodder,for they should just Kock It The Fuck Off and not only Get A Life,but do something constructive like Take the Ice Bucket Challenge,just to have themselves something to do. Period.

Wishing All Of The Very Best To Both Jake “The Snake” Roberts And Joan Rivers In Their Full Recoveries(Which Has Them Both Separately Hospitalized)

Steven M. 



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Of Rumored HALLOWEEN and Rob Zombie Sequels

    The last few days have served as mere fodder for two widely rumored film projects,they being both HALLOWEEN(3/11): THE NEXT CHAPTER and a new Rob Zombie sequel to the HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS,the latter having RZ’s monstrously devoted fanbase(of fans/fanboys/fangirls/geeks with 14 year old delinquent mentalities[even though many of them are in their 20s,30s,and 40s]) wildly anticipated.

   The official word according to both camps has been….first,in the case of HALLOWEEN,that there’s a new HALLOWEEN sequel being worked on(in the pre-production stages) but nothing that’s called HALLOWEEN:THE NEXT CHAPTER,while Rob Zombie has today announced his desire in yearning to make another celluloid (mis)adventure for the Captain Spaulding/Firefly Family,Which Officially Isn’t Happening due to Lionsgate Entertainment owning the rights to both the films’ distribution and the film’s characters,which is a similar problem that RZ also has with The Weinstein Brothers(the overlords of Miramax,Dimension Films,E1 Entertainment,and Radius Films) in regards to ownership of both RZ’s two HALLOWEEN films and WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS,for expect RZ to incorporate elements of his proposed(but Never Going To Happen,Thanks To Corporate Studio Business[/Drama]) Captain Spaulding/Firefly Family adventure into his soon-to-be-filming 31. If you don’t believe me,just do some heavy on-line research into the entire business(and studio business) side of RZ’s legal celluloid entanglement saga(regarding his two proposed projects). Otherwise,I’d rather see RZ entirely move on to a new film project such as his planned(but canned) projects TYRANNOSAUR REX,BROAD STREET BULLIES(which I’m sure will someday happen,but he’ll only co-produce that latter 70s hockey drama),and 31(his current project [that’s he solely concentrating upon]).

   Otherwise,on to the news stories involving the chaos surrounding ISIS(who recently decapitated an American journalist) and St. Louis/Ferguson(which is as chaotic as the early 90s post-Rodney King trial-based L.A. riots,that even the protesters are guarding stores from the looters),which I’ll deeply cover another time(when I know much more about these traumatic situations)…

SIN CITY(2): A DAME TO KILL TO Heavily Entertained Me,With The Likes Of Powers Boothes,Mickey Rourke,And Josh Brolin All Owning The Films,Which Sadly Bombed At This Past Weekend’s Box Office,Via Those Ever-So-Indestructible GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And (Michael Bay’s) TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (What A Wrongful Time To Release This Long Awaited Sequel)

Steven M.


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First Look at the Stormtroopers From Star Wars Episode VII

Indie Revolver EXCLUSIVE: First Look at the Stormtroopers From Star Wars Episode VII.

The news,spoilers,and rumors surrounding STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 keeps getting much more interesting,as a few new pics popped up on the ‘Net depicting the new look of the Stormtroopers,for it seems that the Empire(or what’s left of it) is still around and that our heroes are scattered around various places in the universe.

I,for one,will Definitely be there once EPISODE 7 debuts in theaters(on December 2015).

So,TNA Is Moving To Wednesdays,Eh ?! Good Grief: More Hijinks And Nonsense Shenanigans From The Evil Wrestling Empire,For Just How many Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi-Esque TNA Pretzel Shits For This One ?

Steven M.

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