2010’s Biggest Turkeys

  As 2010 quickly draws to an end,I thought that since I didn’t get a chane to verbally nail the top turkeys of 2010 during Thanksgiving(courtesy of my former blog home’s current wacky format)that I perfectly save it for this time,for here are the Top Turkeys Of 2010…

  * SHARRON ANGLE: a female Republican politician who put a new meaning to the term “major loon”,as she ran against Harry Reid for his Senate seat and not only made many insane accisuations against him(such as suggesting that he gives Viagra to sex offenders),but also threatened to remove Social Security,Medicare,and all other forms of government aid and loudly loudmouthed against anything that was on her mind,as well as denied the press any interviews with her,for it would have been extremely frightening for our nation if she had won.

  * LINDSAY LOHAN: boy,did the drugs not only mess up her looks and her outlook on life,but it seems that a small role in MACHETE(alongside Danny Trejo,Jeff Fahey,and Steven Seagal)and several stints in rehab and jail didn’t do her any help,for who knows whether or not the train will majorly wreck(once and for all) in 2011.

  * JERSEY SHORE Cast: Their disastrous second season in Miami pretty much tarnished whatever luster they had,as their enormous egos and on-screen fisticuffs(between the gals on that show),as well as the arrests of both Snooki(for drunken behavior)and Ronnie(for punching out a guy near the finale of Season One),dominated both the show and their lives,making way for the upcoming third season that just might be their last(even with new gal Deena[who’s just as obnoxious as the rest of them]on board). And BTW:JWOWW/JCOWW Still Sucks !!

 * JULIAN ASSANGE: the Wikileaks overlord who committed major treason against the U.S. by airing out secret U.S. documents against the U.S.,with several folks rallying around this scumbag as if he were a hero,for anyone who sees Assange as a savior means that it’s a very sad state for the world we live in.

 * CHARLIE SHEEN: how impressive:an ex-Brat Packer-turned-Hollywood drunk/sex offender/womanbeater whose latest escapade(that he once again got away with)only shows what a complete fool he truly is.

 * MEL GIBSON: his drunken rant against his ex-girlfriend only showed what an ass he really made of himself(and truly is),for it’s just only fitting that he stars in a new film where his co-star happens to be a hand puppet(that serves as his split personality).

 * THAT PIECE-OF-SHIT SEATTLE COP THAT PUNCHED OUT THAT TEEN BLACK GIRL: it was all over the summer news with what this creep did to a teen girl(who shoved him),for this shows that he was just another high-on-power badge carrying official that needed to criminally charged and majorly sued to the fullest.

 * RANDY QUAID: this has-been and his loony tunes wife fled American from criminal charges and to Canada where they made loony accusations of Hollywood havings its own syndicate that knock offs its own stars(where they get out-of-hand or washed-up),for too bad that those acusation only made his star power massively lose its luster(and sounded like the plot of a Straight-To-DVD B movie). 

 * MYSPACE’S NEW LOOK: it only wrecked the site,made a major mess out of it,and only drove away more people than it previously it(increasing Facebook’s capascity and helping FB’s Mark Zuckerman become Time’s Person Of The Year).

 * TNA/HULK HOGAN/ERIC BISCHOFF/DIXIE CARTER: wrestling’s worst event occurred this year when TNA chief Carter allowed wrestling wash-ups Hogan and Bischoff to take charge of TNA and lower their TV ratings(and fanbase) with rehashed 15 year old storylines and major pushes for their buddies,for the only wise move for TNA to succeed is to jettison Bischoff and Hogan out of the company and just concentrate on the likes of Mickie James(whose arrival helped increase their ratings a bit),Matt Morgan,RVD(Rob Van Dam),The Pope,and their self-grown talents(such as Sarita,The Beautiful People,Motor City Machine Guns,and Beer Money).

 * GLORIA ALLRED: this motormouthed L.A.-based celebrity lawyer always attaches herself to every case that comes along TV screen(and tabloid TV shows)and solely focuses the camera more on her obnoxious personality and her Nancy Grace/Geraldo Rivera-esque approach to exploiting the victims more than helping them just to make herself and her massive ego look real good.

 * TIGER WOODS’ WHOREZILLA MISTRESSES: you’re all major publicity hungry skanks:Period !!

 * THE JESSE JAMES/SANDRA BULLOCK SAGA:a boring saga about two overrated hambone idiots not worth wasting time on discussing(and the less said about Michelle “Bombshell” McGee,the better).

 * SARAH AND BRISTOL PALIN:as mama Sarah continues to draw gratuitious attention to herself and her right-wing causes,her daughter Bristol made her bid for stardom by appearing on DANCING WITH THE STARS(showing that she’s as klutzy and untalented a dancer as Kate Gosselin)and making a bid to crusade for abstience(even if she got pregnant[while still a teen]by Levi “Self Made Male Hoe Boy”Johnson). To go into further discussion about these two will only nauseate me even more.

 * WWE’S MICHAEL COLE: WWE’s worst commentator,most hated WWE personality(even more than the heel wrestlers),and major brownnoser to both The Miz and WWE Raw’s secret mystery General Manager who….”And I Quote !!!”…still majorly Sucks !!!

 EQUAL DISHONORABLE FUCK YOUS TO:the Weinstein Brothers(for further killing off HALLOWEEN,HELLRAISER,and every other film they sequelize),Steve Wilkos(Shut Up,already !!),Dana White,everyone on DAISY OF LOVE,everyone on TEEN MOM(especially the jailbird we’ll be hearing more about in 2011),everyone on A&E,Learning Channel,MTV and VH1 reality TV shows,San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom,Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman,wrestling podcast marks Don Tony and Kevin Castle,every ex-Friend I deleted off Facebook,MySpace,and Twitter,all tabloid TV personalities,and whoever else I forgot but will remember to thoroughly trash here in the New Year.

2010’s Best Film: SHUTTER ISLAND

2010’s Runner-Up:Any Japanese,Korean,and Thailand Horror,Fnatsy,and Genre Films That I Caught This Year

2010’s Most Overrated Films:FROZEN,INCEPTION


Happy New Years,Everyone !!!

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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