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     This week’s big news item seems to be Kevin Smith’s upcoming new film RED STATE,which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festval and fell victim to a hail of bad reviews that caused Smith to not only announce his upcoming retirement(after he completes his hockey comedy HIT SOMEBODY)but also announce his plans to self distribute RED STATE via a roadshow-esque four wall release from March till October,ala BILLY JACK and PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

    Many folks are complaining that Smith slid on his promise that RED STATE was going to be a straight-out horror film,but that it instead transforms into a study of Michael Parks’ religious extremist group/cult that ultimately goes into a gunfight showdown with the FBI(led by John Goodman)and the ATF. I can’t say much about the film since I haven’t seen it yet(as well as not being a big Kevin Smith fan[even though I enjoy his CLERKS films]),for I can say is that Smith seems to be more focused on exploring religion,religious groups and cults,and the Fred Phelps and David Korashs of the world than telling a routine tale that mixes the genres of horror and drama. With many folks slagging on this film as they are with Lucky McGee’s new film THE WOMAN(which also premiered at Sundance,and deals with the themes of violence and abuse within a violently dysfunctional family with a lone feral lady[the lone survivor of Jack Ketchum’s OFF SEASON and THE OFFSPRING]that’s held captive by that family),it makes me wonder why folks are raging on Smith without having seen the film(instead of just giving it a chance and making up their own minds on whether it’s good or bad[after they’ve seen it]),since they seem to be upset that Smith dropped the ball on making a straight-out horror film without taking a deep look into the themes that Smith is exploring in his film and giving it a chance to see onto those very themes.

    Whatever the outcome will be,I just wish Kevin Smith all of the very best with RED STATE’s upcoming independent roadshow-esque theatrical release,as well as strongly hope that folks everywhere will just keep an open mind and see this film when it gets released,since it’s better to just wait till it’s officially released and then have a say about it then just jumping on the speeding bandwagon without having actually seen it(something I’ve learned a long time ago,and I’ve always have kept quiet about a film till I’ve seen it).

R.I.P.: Jack LeLanne(exercise king) And John Dye(TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL star)

Steven M.


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