Current TV Shows That Suck !!!

    I’ve been yearning to work on this one for quite a while,for here’s my chance to now tackle it since you might not agree with me on these following television shows that I dislike,for there’s no need to Oprah(a really big phony whose crapola show is going off the air this year),any Fox News,Nickelodeon,and Disney Channel series,or JERSEY SHORE(the obvious stool pigeon[and token dead horse to easily kick around]) to place on this list,for here are the currently on-the-air Television shows that do indeed suck…

 * JERRY SPRINGER:there’s nothing but the same old boring catfights,fistfights,freaks,fat people,and babbling idiots that frequently take up too much room on Jerry’s stage,for if Jerry is so creativity leaden he might as well close up shop and throw in the towel than be an alternate home for folks that are rejects from the last ten John Waters film. 

 * JUDGE JUDY: She’s guilty of being a rude and obnoxious loud mouthed judge to a roomful of dumb and dumber defendants in her dumberer courtroom. Dismissed !!

 * DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: Weaves sporting Diamond Dallas Page lookalike redneck boutny hunter and his redneck family hunting down on-the-run bail jumping fugitives is as bad to visually handle as the crummy Nu Metal background music that’s bad to reluctantly listen to. 

 * THE PEOPLE’S COURT: Judge Marilyn Milian is also guilty of being a rude and obnoxious loud mouthed judge to a dumber courtroom full of dumberer defenders,for it was and will always be Judge Wapner’s show(no matter who they’ll attempt to replace him with). Dismissed !! 

 * STEVE WILKOS: The majority of Jerry Springer’s bodyguard’s show is just Steve yelling and screaming at folks that are either abusive parents or spouses,for loud hollowering and bullying guests doesn’t solve anything and makes that person look worse than them(as well as endanger your health[which Wilkos ought to know]).

 * AMERICAN IDOL: From bad guy judges Simon Cowell,Kara What’s-Her-Face and Ellen DeGeneres to all-too-goody-goody judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez and fellow clowns Ryan “The King Of All Trendiness” Seacrest and Randy Jackson,this talent search show is the epitome of all things lame.

 * CONAN O’BRIEN:Unfunny,untalented,and extremely lame,whatever the appeal of this guy is is a real mystery to me.

 * DR. PHIL: A Texas-based portly and balding psychiatrist giving rude,brutal,and blunt advise to assorted folks just isn’t good for my mental health.


 * EBERT PRESENTS AT THE MOVIES: One of the biggest shams(and scams) in history,as the cancer ravaged Roger Ebert advertises his new film review show as his reviews,but is only the reviews of bland-as-hell newbie critics Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky(a paifully awful Harry Knowles clone),with profiles on classic films by Kim Morgan and verbal essays by Ebert(read by other actors),for they might as well have saved Ben Lyons and A.O. Scott(Ebert’s protege[and a decent film critic]) as critics than subject us to this terrible show,which gets Two Thumbs Down and Two Middle Fingers Up.

 * PIERS MORGAN: This British guy is a bland interviewer who doesn’t have his show live(as Larry King did)and even has a banned list on certain guests. Give me the equally bland Joy Behar anytime over this guy.

 * TEEN MOM/16 AND PREGNANT: the chicks on this show are just snotty little brats that need a good old fashioned spanking(mainly Jenelle[the bitch that beats up her Mom]and Amber[who beats up her boyfriend/baby’s Dad]),Period.

 * THOSE DAMN KARDASHIANS: I could care less about the antics of Kris and her daughters Kim,Khloe,Kourtney,and any of the other ones,for that obnoxious nitwit Scott(father of Kourtney’s baby)comfortably fits right in with these twits.

 * GLEE: The ever-so-stupid singalong musical show that nauseates more than entertains. And I thought that those HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL films were  terrible enough.

 * TWO-AND-A-HALF-MEN: This overrated show never draws any laughs from me,yet ironicly Charlie Sheen is pretty much like his show’s character,only that he’s more addicted to porn,sex,and drugs,is currently now in rehab,and is television’s million dollar man(since he gets paid $1.8 million per episode),yet this show isn’t worth millions to me.

 * MAURY POLICH: the once-honored and respected newsman/A CURRENT AFFAIR host-turned-Jerry Springer wannabe with lots of wild out-of-control TEEN MOM-bound teens and cheating spouses loose on-stage and Maury trying to be the surburban Dr. Phil. What-ev-a’,What-ev-a’ !!

 * DEGRASSI:THE NEXT GENERATION: A show that has gone on for too long,for all of the original show’s characters and this show’s previous characters are now long gone and the supporting characters(that had nothing to do with the original show)are now the leads,for it gets more blander every new season and solely needs to end it run(for the sake and legacy of the original series).

      There’s my list of what I feel are the worst current shows on TV,for it otherwise looks like another night of SANFORD AND SON and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN reruns for me.

JERSEY SHORE To Film Season Four In Italy ?!?!  😀 😀  My Ass !!! For I Expect Their Plane To Crash Before They’d Even Make It To Italy !!  😀 😀

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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One Response to Current TV Shows That Suck !!!

  1. Brando says:

    My latest most stupid ” f ” en show is these jerks on the counting cars. The guy pawn butt holes call in for advice. I would like to know. Thr rock star wears the same clothes every day. Do they get washed or is he stink like a out house? How about the shit he wraps his bald ass dome with. Does he think it covers it up? He probebly wears them when (if ever) he get a woman in bed.

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