Obituary Dept.:Four More Celebrities Passings

    As the month of February is slowly moving onward,three more beloved celebrities has descended away onto the big blue place in the sky…

  * CHARLES SELLIER: A producer/director who is best known for producing many of the 70s’ best known speculation documentaries into space,religion,conspiracy theories,and the supernatural which include THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS,THE LINCOLN CONSPIRACY,BEYOND AND BACK,IN SEARCH OF NOAH’S ARK,IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC JESUS,BEYOND DEATH’S DOOR,and THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS(which brought forth the Dan Haggerty TV series),and the 80s producing films such as THE BOOGENS,EARTHBOUND,SNOWBALLING,HANGAR 18,and the TV movies THE TIME MACHINE,KNIGHT RIDER 2000,and FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER,and directed SLIENT NIGHT,DEADLY NIGHT and THE ANNIHILATORS,and continued producing religious documentaries in the 90s and the 00s(a.k.a.:the 2000s) that included GEORGE W. BUSH:FAITH IN THE WHITE HOUSE,BREAKING THE DAVINCI CODE,HEROES OF FLIGHT 93,and his last film FRIENDS FOR LIFE.

   * MARIA SCHNEIDER: French actress who is best known for her role as Marlon Brando’s young lover in the controversial LAST TANGO IN PARIS(a film which she later regretted doing),and followed it up with THE PASSENGER and other films that include SCAR TISSUE,VIOLENTA,MEMOIRS OF A FRENCH WHORE,MERRY-GO-ROUND,LOOKING FOR JESUS,JANE EYRE,BUNKER PALACE HOTEL,SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN,MAMA DRACULA(a comedy vehicle for the one-shot European wonders the Wajnberg Brothers,with Lousie Flecther in the title role),THE KEY,and her last film CLIENTE. She also walked off the set of CALIGULA(due to its controversial tone and use of hardcore sex scenes[with extras]).She was 58.

    * TURA SATANA: Cult cinema actress who was of Japanese,Filipino,Irish,Scottish, and Cherokee Indian descent and was a stripper prior to being an actress,with her film credits including her legendary tough girl role in Russ Meyer’s FASTER PUSSYCAT,KILL,KILL !!,her film debut in IRMA LA DOUCE,OUR MAN FLINT,the grindhouse cinema WIP homage SUGAR BOXX,and THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO,and being a part of Ted V. Mikels acting reportaire with her appearances in Mikels’ films that started with THE ASTRO ZOMBIES(portraying a just-as-tough villainess) and continued with THE DOLL SQUAD,THE ASTRO ZOMBIES 2:MARK OF THE ASTRO ZOMBIES,and the recently released ASTRO ZOMBIES 3:M3;CLONED. She spent the majority of her latter years living in Reno,NV and was 76.

  * LENA NYMAN: Swedish actress who made cinema history by palying the lead in the controversial softcore erotic film I AM CURIOUS(YELLOW),a film that helped bring down the conservative Hays Code and widely open the door for sexual themes and nudity to be displayed in U.S.,European,Hispanic,and Asian films(that followed after its release),and followed it up with its sequel I AM CURIOUS(BLUE) and also appeared in the 1978 arthouse classic AUTUMN SONATA and many other films which included SOPOR,MY BELOVED,THE WHITE WALL,RELEASE THE PRISONERS TO SPRING,P&B,POWDER,WHITE TRASH,CHEEK TO CHEEK,and THOSE WHO WHISPER(which was her last film). She was 66.

         There you have it,for I have this funny feeling that this year’s celebrity obituary list will soon get even larger(as much as I’m hoping that it doesn’t).  😦 😦

THE REAL WORLD:LAS VEGAS 2011 Recently Previewed(on MTV):With Just Three Chicks And Four Rowdy Guys,Amid The Background Of The Hard Rock Hotel,It Just Looks So Damn Pitiful(As Pitiful As The Last Few Seasons Of THE REAL WORLD);It’s Funny How Snooki Is Overshadowing Puck And Heidi As The Best Known MTV Reality TV Celebrity

Steven M.


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