2/21/11:Sting In The WWE ?!

       Last Monday on WWE RAW was the debut of a 48 second vignette that showed a black pants,black boots-clad figure slowly walking through a rainy background to a decaying house,which made it look like a promotion for the upcoming return of WWE mainstay The Undertaker but the following day suddenly was chock full of news about that vignette being about the possible coming of ex-WCW(and recent TNA) wrestler Sting to the WWE,with brief reports made both the New York Daily and ex-WWE writer Dava Lagana that Sting in the WWE(as a participant in both the WWE Hall Of Fame and a possible WrestleMania match against The Undetaker)is indeed true(courtesy of various rumors,including the 2/21/11 vignette sharing a same similarity to Sting’s Starcade 1997 promo vignette[in his match against Hulk Hogan]),despite the speculation of many the wrestling news community,including WWE personality Jim Ross(good ole J.R.)and The Wrestler Observer’s Dave Meltzer,that the news item is all wildly false speculation.

     If it is true that Sting is actually coming to the WWE(in two weeks),there’s a possiblity that he might be on a limited contract(ala Bret Hart,despite the New York Daily’s report of it being a one year contract ) and that he’ll possibly face off against C.M. Punk,since C.M. has not only teased on his Twitter page about the possibility of Sting in the WWE but also threw in numerous references to the other Sting’s band The Police,and also has a messiah-esque complex when dealing with his groups the Straight Edge Society and the Nexus,something that born again Christian Sting would strongly take offense to,as well as The Undertaker’s WrestleMania match being already filled by (ex-Nexus leader)Wade Barrett.  Another factor that leads to the possibility of a Sting appearance is that Wrestlemania will take place in Atlanta,Georgia,the former home of WCW and the plans to induct several WCW personalities into the WWE Hall Of Fame,something which would highly intrigue Sting lure him to Titan Tower grounds,as well as be a proper send-off(and coda)to his lengthy wrestling career,considering that Sting is 51 and that he’s near the end of his career and that both a WWE appearance and a WWE Hall Of Fame induction would be the perfect end to the Stinger’s treasured career.

     Whatever the outcome might be(and turn out to be within the next two weeks),the thought of Sting being in the WWE coming true would be the wrestling fan’s ultimate dream come to full life(and ful reality),for only both Sting and the WWE know if whether or not this will actually happen,with everybody keeping their fingers strongly tied that it really does.

R.I.P.: Gary Moore(ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist) 😦 😦

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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