Bieber Fever Wiped Out At The Box Office

Weekend Box Office Results for February 11-13, 2011 – Box Office Mojo.

    As you can see by that very top link,Justin Bieber’s 3-D concert film NEVER SAY NEVER didn’t crack the Number One spot at this past weekend’s box office(it went to the new Adam Sandler film),for it’s a major relief in seeing that not everything that both Bieber and 3-D do means major box office magic(the same which also applies to James Cameron and his stalled underwater cave 3-D adventure SANCTUM[which sank more than soared])and that the world is once again safe from brain damaging bubblegum pop music.

  Just don’t bring up(or get started up on) the Grammys,okay ?!

Nicolas Cage’s 3-D Hybrid Horror Actioneer DRIVE ANGRY Arrives In Theaters In Two Weeks:Let’s See If It Drives His Career Back Up To The Top…

Steven M.


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