Goodbye,David Friedman

      Valentine’s Day in 2011 will not only be remembered as the day of national love,but will also be remembered for the passing for legendary exploitation film producer David Friedman,a man whose career spans from the early 60s to current times,for I’m no sheer expert on his career but I will briefly discuss the various films he’s been involved with.

     David not only produced nudist camp films of the early 60s,but also paved the way in horror films in creating the splatter film sub-genre with filmmaker Heschell Gordon Lewis via the Gore Trilogy that consists of BLOOD FEAST,2000 MANIACS,and COLOR ME BLOOD RED,and even though they went their separate ways David continued to produce many films through the 60s and 70s that inlcuded the likes of SHE-FREAK,THE DEFILERS,THE RAMRODDER,TRADER HORNEE,SPACE THING,THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ZORRO,STARLET !,BUMMER,and JOHNNY FIRELCLOUD,and also co-produced and co-directed the American version of the German softcore outing THE LONG SWIFT SWORD OF SIEGFRIED(which featured Sybil Danning in an early lead role),as well as pave the way in exploitation films in the creation of the Naziploitation sub-genre(via cashing in on the success of THE NIGHT PORTER)with the notorious Canadian film ILSA:SHE WOLF OF THE SS(which was followed by three sequels[including a knock-off that became a third sequel]and numerous Italian films). After dabbling in the adult film world via producing the early 80s porns MATINEE IDOL(a XXX remake of STARLET !)and BLONDE HEAT,David returned to producing films in the 00s/2000s with reuniting with Lewis on the longly awaited seuqel BLOOD FEAST 2 and following it up with TEENAGE TUPELO,2001 MANIACS and its sequel 2001 MANIACS:FIELD OF SCREAMS,and also acted in the films LOVE CAMP 7,BIKINI DRIVE-IN,AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS,and RETARDEAD.

     He was 87 and will be very heavily missed,for here’s the link to the rest of his many contributions to the film world…

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Steven M.


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