John Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’ WILL Be Released in the US

John Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’ WILL Be Released in the US.

    Accodring to this link above,THE WARD will finally receive a U.S. release,although it looks to be a Straight-To-DVD and VOD(Video On Demand) one (considering that the distributing company is a small one,and THE WARD did very poor business in its overseas release[in England and Ireland]),but better a Straight-To-DVD release than no release(or worse,a lengthy two-to-three year wait for one).

         On a sadder note:character actor Len Lesser(of various films,including the likes of GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE,RUBY,and BLOOD AND LACE)has passed away at the age of 88  😦 😦   ,for as much as we protest about it the celebrity losses(of 2011) are starting to get longer…

Sting’s Status:Will He Be In WWE RAW’s “2/21/11” Episode Next Week Or Back To Being A Slave In TNA’s Bischoff/Hogan Regime ? Ony This Coming Monday Night Will Tell…

Steven M.


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