Obituary Dept.:Michael Gough Leaves Us :( :(

        As much as we don’t want to have anymore of our favorite celebrities pass away and descend away from us,yet another celebrity has passed away,with Michael Gough having left us at the age of 94,for he was a pretty underrated horror star who never fully acknowledged his horror career(nor cashed in on it[like so many other character actors and minor horror celebrities])since he happily had it kept that way and he saw himself more as an actor than a horror celebrity(in spite of the numerous horror films he appeared in),with his actor status finally reaching its pinnacle when he met monstrous success as Alfred the bulter in the first four BATMAN film that ran from 1989 to 1996 and was a regular member of Tim Burton’s acting reportaire(which also includes the likes of Helena Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee)who participated in a handful of Burton’s fantasy films,for Gough had a very long and healthy career that enabled him to perform in various diverse acting roles(whether they be in theatrical films or made-for-television films),which include the likes of HORROR OF DRACULA,WOMEN IN LOVE,THE BLACK ZOO,GALILEO,HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM,THE FOURTH PROTOCOL,HORROR HOSPITAL,THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE,OXFORD BLUES,TOP SECRET,THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW,BATMAN,BATMAN RETURNS,SAVAGE MESSIAH,THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE,KONGA,BATMAN FOREVER,TROG,BERSERK,THE CRIMSON CULT(a.k.a.:CURSE OF THE CRIMSON CULT),CRUCIBLE OF HORROR(a.ka.:THE BODY),THE DRESSER,STRAPLESS,THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL,SLEEPY HOLLOW,QUESTION OF LOVE,OB VII,THE GARDEN,THE WANDERER,Dr. TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS,THE SKULL,and voice work in both CORPSE BRIDE and the recent ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

     He will be very heavily missed. 

Drew Carey Will Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame(?!?!?!):This Idiotic Induction Makes Wrestling Less Credible And This Unfunny Hack Isn’t Worthy Of It,For Even David Arquette’s Short Lived WCW  Championship Run Was A Real Wrestling Happening

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