“Sting In The WWE” Fantasy Lives On…

LordsofPain.net – Sting Discusses Turning Down WWE’s Offer for WrestleMania, Lesnar Speaks.

       As discussed in the link above,Sting admits that he was close to making a deal on not only joining the WWE,but also being inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame and facing the Undertaker(and his unbreakable Streak)at this year’s WrestleMania,but unlike both Booker T. and Kevin Nash(who both jumped ship back to the WWE,with Booker commentating for Smackdown and Nash bascially doing–nothing)Sting turned down the WWE deal,saying he remembered how Vince treated ex-WCW talent(after buying Ted Turner’s wrestling company in 2001).

    However,I figure the real reasons why Sting turned down the WWE deal is because (according to various sources)he was offered a full-time schedule instead of Bret Hart’s part-time deal(that brought the Hitman back to the Double W E last year),something that wasn’t in Sting’s favor,as well as C.M. Punk(who made some remarks about Sting on his Twitter page a few months back[,which gives way to the speculation that a Sting Vs. C.M. Punk would have happened after that fantasy Undertaker Streak match]) often representing himself as a Messiah-esque figure(especially in the way he led the Straight Edge Society and now leads the Nexus),and both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock returning for WrestleMania gigs,meaning that the WWE’s Attitude image would be slowly returning,which is something that born again Christian Sting heavily despises. 

     If Sting is to ever eventually make a WWE appearance,I would expect it to be just one appearance on WWE RAW,one match at Wrestlemania,and a WWE Hall Of Fame induction,which is the way I see it only happening since the WWE now slowly has to adapt to play by Sting’s personal rules if they ever want him to join the WWE(even if it’s for a brief time).

R.I.P.:Alan Tang

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