A Remake Of CYBORG Is On The Way?!

A Remake Of CYBORG Is On The Way?! Director Albert Pyun Says It’ll Be “An epic of post apocalyptic cyber punk”!! [Ain’t It Cool News].

    Just as I thought that the new decade of the 10s/2010s would be remake-free,the remake trend continues on as genre filmmaker Albert Pyun has added his name to the list with his recently announced planned remake of his 1989 Cannon Films/Jean Claude Van Damme sci-fi action vehicle CYBORG,with Pyun now in negociations with MGM(the copyrights owners of the original film)to fully finance backing for the project with aid from Curnan Pictures(Catherine Curnan’s film company that financed his last two films BULLETFACE and TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE[the long awaited SWORD AND THE SORCERER sequel]).

    Pyun is planning on re-booting and expanding upon the original film,with a group of Slingers(which Van Damme was in the origianl film)taking on a group of futuristic bad guys,with plans to cast Olivier Gruner,Rutger Hauer,Michael Pare,Vincent Klyn(from the original film),and Michael Dudikoff in the new film. As much as I despise current remakes this one sounds like it’ll be cool,since Alfred Hitchcock remade his own film THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE and it came out as an excelelnt film on its own,as long as Pyun sticks to a coherent and decent script and delivers plenty of rousing action scenes,since I’m sure he’ll put his intended actors to full good useage.

    Let’s hope that Albert Pyun’s remake turns out to be strongly good and not an incoherent mess(like so many of his other post-SWORD AND THE SORCERER and post-NEMESIS films).

Rumors have It That C.M. Punk Is Going To Leave The WWE:Would Be An Interesting Thing If Punk Shows Up At TNA And Ousts Hogan And Bischoff and Takes On The Likes Of ken Anderson,Sting,Rob Van Dam,Samoa Joe,and The Hardy Boyz,For Punk’s Presnece Would Bump Up TNA’s Tv Ratins If He’s Rightfully Used

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