‘Terminator’ Back With Arnold To Star: ‘Fast Five’s Justin Lin To Direct

‘Terminator’ Back With Arnold To Star: Schwarzenegger In Package Shopping Now; ‘Fast Five’s Justin Lin To Direct.

     As reported here via this Deadline:Hollywood link,Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to his famous role as The Terminator in a slowly-being-planned fifith TERMINATOR film,with FAST AND THE FURIOUS director Justin Lin to take the director’s spot on this one.

    Yes,this is actually happening faster than you can say “Arnold’s last line of financial employment to comfortably fall back on”(not to criticize him,since this is his trademark role and TERMINATOR[4]:SALVATION proved that nobody but Arnold could be in these films) and that Justin Lin really sold out for the really big bucks(and left his artsy,thoughtful non-franchise film career behind[with interesting little films he used to do such as BETTER LUCK TOMORROW and FINISHING THE GAME amongst the titles in his past indie film career]):let’s hope that this one is a good film and that it expands upon the themes of the first three films.

President Obama Finally Unveils His Birth Certificate:I Hope That Donald Trump And Members Of The Republicans,The Tea Party,And Fox News Are All Very Happy

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