Roberts Blossom Passes Away

News: Character Actor Roberts Blossom Passes Away.

We sadly lost another great character actor,that being Roberts Blossom of DERANGED and HOME ALONE(as the homeless old man who helps the kid),for he was 87 and left a legacy of other great films behind,which include the likes of  THE HOSPITAL,CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND,and the underrated 1980 Ellen Burstyn spiritual drama RESURRECTION.

We also lost the creator of THE BRADY BUNCH and GILLIGAN’s ISLAND(can’t remember his name at the moment),but the death of the guy behind DERANGED’s unhinged Ed Gein-inspired psycho was more shattering to me than anything,since he heavily carried that very film to help make it as excellent as it is.


Oh,Joy:Both THE EVIL DEAD And OLDBOY Are Going To Get The Remake Treatment:Hasn’t This Oversaturated Trend Already Died Out Yet(Considering That We’re Now In A New Decade[The 10s/2010s]) ?

Steven M.


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