Pics from The Amazing Spider-Man

More Pics from The Amazing Spider-Man Rhys Ifans, Emma Stone and the Legendary Martin Sheen.

Here are lot of pics from next Summer’s THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN,which looks very promising with Andrew Garfield as the new Spidey,Emma Stone as his new love interest Gewn Stacy,and Rhys Ifans as his beloved teacher-turned-new villain Curt Connors,alias The Lizard,for let’s hope that they really don’t fuck it up.


The Trailers Of JOHN CARTER(OF MARS) And THE THING Prequel Are Now On-Line:JC Looks Amazing(Better Than Any Recent CGI-Filled Sci-Fi Film)While THE THING 201 Looks Decent But More Like A Remake Of Howard Hawk’s Original THING With Lots Of Bearded Brits Playing Norwegians

Steven M.


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