FRANK DARABONT exits showrunning gig on THE WALKING DEAD

FRANK DARABONT exits showrunning gig on THE WALKING DEAD.

As the above link metions,Frank Daramont has exited from his lead producing gig on THE WALKIN DEAD AMC TV series,for it’s a surprise to many since he’s been the holding strength of the series that always kept it running smoothly,for if Season Three does eventually happen it’ll be interesting to see how far the show will go without Daramont’s involvment(whether it’ll continue to strongly float or mightily sink),since it’s a whole lot better horror television series than the overrated likes of DEXTER,SUPERNATURAL,and MTV’s TEEN WOLF. BTW:TRUE BLOOD can get overrated at times,but it does have its moments.


R.I.P.: Amy Winehouse

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