The Current State Of Alt.Rock/Grunge/Extreme Alt.Rock/Nu Metal Muzak

P.O.D. still means “Pile of Dogshit” – New single is here if you must….

I was anticipating on working on this blog entry for long time,and thanks to James Zahn’s review of P.O.D.’s new song “On Fire”(and his hatred of that very band[that used to be Christian rockers],in the above link)I figured it’s about time to do this one,since I’m so sick of the sad state of rock music that has been heavily plagued by the likes of alt.rock,grunge,rap rock,and extreme alt.rock/Nu Metal since the start of the 90s and has carried on without no end in sight.

Since this music came forth with the rise of Nirvana in the early 90s,modern youth culture has been nothing but an endless array of bad wiseass attitude and neverending arrays of hundreds of tattoos,shaved heads,facial goatees,Hot Topic-esque clothing,and body piercings that go on forever to the point of making what was once an underground thing look so damn trendy,and it doesn’t help that the music not only sounds like pure crapola but is also come-and-go one-hit wonders(ala the likes of Vanilla Ice,THE REAL WORLD’s Puck,and future one-hit wonder Rebecca Black). Yeah,the 10-to-20+ years likes of Limp Bizkit,P.O.D.,Saliva,Disturbed,Linkin Park,Drowning Pool,Godsmack,and the fucking Smashing Pumpkins(those alt.rockers)that just constantly stay on:the list goes on and on and the music is ever innerchangable(and more boring and dull with each new album).

I say that the time is now for some unknown new innovative musical force to come along and sweep away the 90s and 00s alt.rock,grunge,and Nu Metal muzak off the face of the Earth and permanently blow it away as the ever-so-trendy sound of grunge and alt.rock did to hair metal bands(and heavy metal altogether) in the early 90s,which is a need that is so freshly and heavily needed to get rid of all of this endless blandness that has made the music scene so stagnated and boring,and as much as I can add the current state of pop muzak and hip hop to that list(which is for another proper time) I strongly feel that all of this music that heavily dominated the last two decades really needs to go away so that the music scene that fully regenerate itself and become more vibrate and creativity-filled again. It’s a wish that I hope would comee true but apparently won’t,by the way the current state of music looks and will tend to continuously charge on(without any kind of climatic end in sight).


Get The Barf Bags Ready,For JERSEY SHORE:ITALY SEASON Is Coming To MTV Next Week,For The Likes Of Snooki,JWoww,Pauly D.,and Mike The Situation Will Invade Our Television Screens For The Next Two Months(No Matter How Many Voodoo Spells Are Chanted For That Show To Go Away More Sooner[Not That I Have Any Interest In Voodoo{Which I Actually Don’t}])

Steven M.


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