Jani Lane Dead: Ex-Warrant Singer Was 47

Jani Lane Dead: Ex-Warrant Singer Was 47 | Billboard.com#/news/jani-lane-dead-ex-warrant-singer-was-47-1005314552.story#/news/jani-lane-dead-ex-warrant-singer-was-47-1005314552.story.

As the above link depicts,ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane has passed away at the age of 47,due to various alcohol and drug problems that have lengthfully plagued him through the 90s and 00s/2000s,despite his success with Warrant in the late 80s,which all disintergrated in the 90s when alt.rock/grunge became the musical rage and hair metal(as well as heavy metal itself) was practically dead(and went underground until its resurrection in the 00s).

Lane was married three times(including to Bobbi Brown[the co-star of his “Cherry Pie” video]and his current young wife Kimberly)and had four kids,left Warrant twice(due to various substance abuse problems),and was replaced in Warrant by both Jamie St. James(of Black-n-Blue fame)and Robert Mason(their current singer).His impact on both the metal and mainstream music community¬†is still heavily felt.

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