Matt Hardy’s Tragic Dilemma

As I briefly pointed out in my last blog entry,there’s a serious dilemma going on with former WWE(and now TNA)wrestler Matt Hardy that is increasingly becoming worse by the minute,ranging from endlessly posting countless YouTube videos where he openly displays rapid bizarre behavior(which is drug and/or alcohol induced)to fighting over girls with various wrestlers(who range from Paul London to C.M. Punk)to his recent DWI arrest(that resulted in a car accident and jail time)to now being taken to the local hospital where he is resting.

One strongly wonders just has caused this kind of out-of-control behavior,which some people blaming C.M. Punk’s own personal ambitions that somewhat drove Matt(along with his brother Jeff,who were both of the WWE’s most highly successful tag teams) out of the WWE,others blaming his break-up with fellow ex-WWE wrestler Lita(Amy Dumas),via her affairs with Edge(Adam Copeland)and C.M. Punk(Phillip Brooks),and other blaming Matt having been knocked down to mid-card status in both the WWE and TNA,but whatever the case is Matt can’t blame anyone but his heavy addiction to drugs(both prescription and illegal substances) that have pushed him this far…perhaps too far out of emotional and physical reach(with Matt having recently recovered from an illness that caused him to rapidly lose weight). Sure,Matt has attempted to recover his love life via post-Lita affairs with the likes of fellow ex-WWE wrestlers Ashley Massaco,Katie Lea Burchill(alias TNA’s Winter and Code Red’s Katrina),and his current galpal Reby Sky(who is a glamour model and an aspiring wrestler),only to end up with his emotional status continuously falling down the spiral stairwell in a fast moving way that nobody can seem to catch up with(including Matt himself).

Whatever the cause of his problems are,Matt just is collapsing in such a dangerous way that it’s pointing toward a very tragic climax,whether it would be Matt ending up either badly crippled,being locked up in jail(for drugs and/or worse),or unfortunatelty dead,for Matt’s loved ones(ranging from his Dad and Jeff,to his girlfriend Reby Sky,and his brotherly Omega wrestling friends Shane Helms and Shannon Moore) really need to perform an immediately drastic intervention to save Matt otherwise the worse might happen,which this sad dilemma is firmly aiming for(unless something is done to prevent it from happening).


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Steven M.

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