Chuck Norris In EXPENDABLES 2

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The above link displays a pic of Chuck Norris,Dolph Lundgren,Terry Crews,and some of the producers of THE EXPENDABLES 2 on the set of that film,which is now filming and being directed by Simon West(with original director/writer Sylvester Stallone mainly sticking to acting this time out),with most of the original cast returning(with the exception of Mickey Rourke and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin[who were both originally intended to return,but dropped out at the last minute])and Chuck joining in as The Expendables’ new boss,sending them to China(where old boss Bruce Willis has gone rogue),with Jean Claude Van Damme(as a new villain)and Scott Adkins joining the cast,for hopefully this new film will be as much of a big budgeted cartoonish good time as the first film was.


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 Grosses Over $54 Million At The Box Office,Which Quickly Kills Those “Horror Is Dead” Rumors

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