31 Days Of Halloween: Part 2

Here’s more 31 Days Of halloween reviews…

* SATAN’S PLAYGROUND: Dante Tomaselli is a genre filmmaker who can never do no wrong(as proven with DESECRATION and HORROR),but this film was an obvious effort to work in a easily dogged out sub-genre(the psychotic crazy family in a remote area,with an unseen invisible being gliding at every corner) is a real letdown and fails to deliver a satisfying storyline nor any decent thrills. Let’s dtrongly hope that his upcoming film TORTURE DUNGEON is a true return to form for Tomaselli.

* THE TOOTH FAIRY: a dreary,by-the-numbers Straight-To-DVD tale about a newly opened bed-and-breakfast inn that’s haunted by the presence of a murderous spirit of a disfigured child killer. Everything about this is boring,even the rowdy troublemaking redneck’s castration scene(that invokes more snores than shrieks).

* WILDERNESS: a great and thrilling British film about a group of juvenile deliquents(led by detention center counselor Sean Pertwee)on a isolated island where a psychotic killer and his vicious pack of dogs stalk after them(and gorily slay them in one-by-one fashions). Lots of chills,major splatter,and plot twists here.

* GHOST DANCE: an interesting and decent 1980 film about a small town where the awakened spirit of a vengeful Native American Indian possesses a man and terrorizes the town,with JOHNNY FIRECLOUD’s Victor Mohica taking on the challenge to fight and banish the spirit.

* OUT OF THE BODY: veteran Australian genre filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith’s gravely underrated film about a man who gets possessed by a murderous demon that drives him to commit a series of grisly killings. With plenty of good chills.

* APPOINTMENT WITH FEAR: Moustapha Akkad was the executive producer of this cruddy mid 80s film that attempts to re-create HALLOWEEN with a killer who’s possessed by an Eygptian spirit and is pursuing after a group of teens who innocently have his baby in their possession. Truly dull at every level.

* THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR: before becoming a specialist in quickly(and cheaply)made horrible Straight-To-DVD films,Ulli Lommel made this intriguing and enjoyable tale about a new school teacher(Suzanne Love[the former Mrs. Lommel])who moves into a smal town where its full of corrupt townspeople who slowly prepare to re-create a Salem Witch Trial-esque ceremony to execute the teahcer,only to meet horrific results falling upon them. With Donald Pleasence in another one day role and early make-up Fx by future Oscar winner Matthew Mungle.

* SCRE4M(a.k.a.:SCREAM 4): Wes Craven falls back upon what seemed like a comortable film to regain success(after the massive failre of MY SOUL TO TAKE),but it’s downright terrible(as all of the other SCREAM films)as the remakes and retreads it attempts to criticize,even though there’s a nice twist involving a former big name celebrity’s sibling who puts in a strong perfomance(which should have gave the film a dark and downbeat finale to lead into Part 5,but instead helps kill the series). No more SCREAMs,please !!

* THE COMING: Bert I. Gordon’s largely forgotten 1980 film about a teen girl(Susan Swift[AUDREY ROSE,HALLOWEEN 6:THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS)who gets possessed by the murderous spirit of a girl who chose innocent folks to be executed in witch hunting pilgrim era Salem,with a time travelling pilgrim out to defeat the spirit. It’s an entertaining film and contains some squishy gore that was sliced out of its short-lived TV version BURNED AT THE STAKE.

* FRIDAY THE 13TH.: Sean Cunningham’s original splatter classic that introduced the world to gory killings and a guy named Jason who has a very brief role here(whose role grew larger as the series got worse and more silly),with an effectively strong Victor Miller-penned script and excellent Tom Savini make-up FX. Led to 12 films,including the fun spin-off FREDDY VS. JASOn and a truly terrible recent “remake”.

Part 3 Coming Up…

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