31 Days Of Halloween: Part 4

Here are more reviews of my viewing pleasures during my own 31 Days Of Halloween…

*FORCED ENTRY(a.k.a.:THE LAST VICTIM): Jim Soto’s sleazy and grimy 1975 film that is surprisingly well made and decently acted,as it depicts a suburban housewife(a young looking Tanya Roberts) who is stalked(and trapped)by a disturbed serial rapist/murderer(Ron Max,who resembles Javier Bardem’s NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN villain),who gently cuddles his pet rabbit one minute while using a winw bottle during one of his rapes/murders the next minute. said to be a remake of the 1972 porn roughie.

* MIDNIGHT MASS: mediocre Straight-To-DVD vampire film about a faithless priest joining a teen girl in hunting down a muderous group led by a vampire priest and his alt.rock scene followers). Dreary stuff at every level.

* FATAL PULSE: cheesy but fun mid 80s slasher film about a psychotic killer stalking a local campus,with the twist being a Jekyll and Hyde-esque reason behind the mayhem(and murder spree). With some decent gore killings and the likes of Joe Estevez(as a peeping tom dorm owner)and porn star Heschel Savage(as an investigating cop),as well as the lead guy’s goofball friend-turned-wannabe superhero when he’s in danger(and framed for the killings).

* FATAL GAMES: a good and decent mid 80s slasher outing about a javerlin spear-wielding killer terrorizing a local college campus and killing its promising Olympic hoepfuls. With a cast that includes sally Kirkland(who is really terrible here),Melissa Prophet(INVASION U.S.A.),Teal Roberts(HARDBODIES),and shower room cameos by Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens.

* DOGS(a.k.a.:SLAUGHTER): fun-filled low budget killer dogs films about a day when every type of dog bands together to attack and gorily kill the inhabitants of a small town,with name star David McCallum looking like SCOOBY DOO’s buddy Shaggy here.

* DON’T OPEN THE DOOR: S.F. Brownrigg(DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT,KEEP MY GRAVE OPEN)’s purely bizarre 1975 thriller about a young lady who return to her home town to take care of her ailing grandmother,only to fall victim to the greedy troublemaking locals and a mysterious killer who is terorizing her. Could have had a much better finale.

* BLOOD SONG: enjoyable low budget film with the surprise presence of Frankie Avalon(!!!)as the psychotc killer on the loose spreading a wave of gory muders while pursing a teen girl(ANGEL’s Donna Wilkes)who witnessed one of his killings. Containing plenty of splatter and a dark finale.

* BLOOD RAGE: John Grissmer(SCALPEL)’s enjoyable and splattery mid 80s slasher outing featuring MARY HARTMAN,MARY HARTMAN’s Louise Lasser(who is badly aged here) as the troubled mother of two twins,one of whom is an unhinged psycho chopping up his vicitms while framing his escaped brother for murder. Featuring a script by future Oscar winner Bruce Joel Rubin(GHOST,DEADLY FRIEND).

* SYMPTHOMS: Jose Larrez’s underrated and ignored REPULSION-esque 1974 thriller about a pair of lesbians renting a remote manor,where the repressed life partner(Angela Pleasence,Donald Pleasence’s uncanningly lookslike daughter[in her only leading lady role]) slowly falling into sheer madness and murderous depravity. Utterly tame in nudity and violence(in comparison to VAMPYRES and VIOLATION OF THE BITCH) and very slow paced,but I enjoyed every minute of this rarity.

* FUNERAL HOME: William Fruet’s very mediocre early 80s thriller about a teen girl(Lesleh Donaldson)visiting her grandmother at her bed-and-breakfast manor while a mystery killer stalks the town looking for new victims to decimate. Very slow paced and co-starring Barry Morse(SPACE:1999).

Part 5 Coming Up…

Steven M.


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