31 Days Of Halloween: Part 5

Here is the fifth installment of my viewing days during my own 31 Days Of Halloween…

* DON’T GO TO SLEEP: this 1982 TV horror film was one of the last quality TV horror movies,as a married couple(Dennis Weaver,Valerie Harper),Harper’s chain smoking mother(Ruth Gordon),and their kids move into a new house,where the little sister sees the ghost of her older sister,who tells her to kill her family members. Not a lot of logic is explained(such as if the house is actually haunted or if the ghost is actually a demon in disguise),but it’s still very unnerving and disturbing in its theme of losing loved ones in your family to horrific tragedies(which it highly succeeds in delivering).

* DELIRIUM: Peter Maris’ 1979 film is that rare grindhouse film that is strong and effective,starting off as a gory and grimy tale about a disturbed,murderous Vietnam vet on the loose(leaving a trail of bodies behind him)and finishing its final half as a government conspiracy thriller when a group of rogue CIA agents enter the picture,out to kill the vet and anyone that stands in their path.

* GOODNIGHT,GOD BLESS: despite an effective start of a psychotic priest killing a group of school kids and their teacher,this mid 80s British film descends into slow moving and slow going territory as half of the murders are off-screen and most of the time is spent upon an American cop’s affair with one of the young schoolyard witness’ mothers,for not even a possesseion very finale can save this dud.

* PETER CUSHING:A ONE WAY TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD: Tyburn Films’ 1989 documentary/interview with Peter Cushing,who exposes plenty of knowledge and information about his life,his early late 30s/early 40s Hollywood career,his early 50s television career,his marriage,his various horror films(including his experience with STAR WARS),his friendship with Christopher Lee,and his health problem with eye cancer that ended his film career.

* THE 13TH. FLOOR: a dull,slow moving,and uninspired Australian film about a teen girl and her two friends camping out in an empty building,where her corrupt politician father and his Mafia buddies slayed a couple of people,with the vengeful spirit of a young boy out for revenge. Terrible in every way.

* NEON MANIACS:  this mid 80s film offers an imaginative theme of a group of zombie-faced ghouls terrorizing a group of teenagers. The plot is slow moving and extremely weak,with a non-ending that looks as though the producers either ran out of budget or ran out of ideas.

* WILD COUNTRY: Scotland unleashes its very own horror film,an atmospheric and entertaining tale about a group of teens trapped in a remote countryside where a werewolf-like creature stalks after them. Well acted,well made,and barely any CGI in sight,this film ends with a literal howl of a downbeat finale.

* BLOOD VOYAGE: this 1976 slasher film depicts a yacht full of various characters who are gorily slain by a mysterious killer who uses meatcleavers,knives,and guns to their advantage(leading to a very downbeat finale). Sleazy,grimy,but well-made and decently acted,this grindhouse film highly succeeds where many modern day grindhouse films and “throwbacks” all mightily fail. The only well-known star here is early 70s drive-in starlet Laurie Rose(WOMAN HUNT,THE ROOMMATES).

* TRAUMA(VIOLACION FATAL): Spanish horror filmmaker Leon Klimovsky’s final film was this slow but moody and explicit 1978 outing about a middle aged couple renting their manor as a bed-and-breakfast inn,where the visiting couples are gorily killed by a masked killer with a straight edge razor. The slow pace here actually help draw the viewier deeper into the story,making it a worthwhile viewing experience.

* HELL NIGHT: Tom DeSimone(PRISON GIRLS,REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS)’s 1981 horror film is a Gothic atmosphere-filled film that’s quite different from the 80s routine rougher and raunchier genre offerings,as Linda Blair lead a group of sorority intitiantees in a remote manor where a ghoul-faced being stalks after them. This is DeSimone’s homage to hammer Films since the Halloween theme and various costumes make this film feel like a modern take on Hammer’s familiar genre territory.

Five more days to go till Halloween,and many more horror films to watch till that very seasonal horror-themed holiday hits upon us.

Part 6 Coming Up…

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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