31 Days Of Halloween: Part 6

Yes,both Halloween and October may be over(with both Thanksgiving and Chrstmas quickly looming around the corner),but I’ve got two more quick installments to add here to complete my 31 Days Of halloween viewing month,for here’s the second-to-last entry…

* THE DARKROOM: one of Anchor Bay’s self-produced films in the second half of the 00s/2000s,it’s surprisingly a good one about a guy who escapes from an asylum where he meets a bullied teen who’s got a dreaded stepfather hiding a deadly secret that is tied to our mystery man’s past. An interesting and compelling tale whose only well-known stars are Ellie Cornell(who became a regular staple in those Anchor Bay films)and Lucy Lawless(ex-XENA who nowadays spends her career in making numerous cameos).

* LEFT IN DARKNESS: another Anchor Bay production,with Monica Keena(who looks like the split-mirror image of Brittany Murphy)as a young gal who’s poisoned by a date rape drug(as well as falls prey to a date rapist at a packed campus party)and has an out-of-body experience that involves zombie-like demons and a deceased childhood friend-turned-ghoul out to snare her soul,climaxing in a CARNIVAL OF SOULS-esque finale. It’s actually a decent film with appearances by Tim Thomerson and 90201’s Jessica Stroup.

*  VOODOO MOON: a really terrible Anchor Bay production that has Eric Mabius(THE CROW:SALVATION)as an occult expert who recruits his reluctant sister(Charisma Carpenter[BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER])to help him fight against an evil young sorcerer who’s resurrecting the dead to do his evil biddings. A pretty craptacular film to endure and sit through.

* TRICK ‘R TREAT: a pretty decent attempt at a modern horror anthology that got shelved,then dumped to DVD a few years later,with its main satanic pumpkin-headed mascot Sam occasssionally popping up in on-line shorts.

*  DAY OF THE DEAD: George Romero’s third DEAD film that was originally intended to be his last(HAAAAAAA !!!!),with lots of extreme gore and cool zombie make-up by Tom Savini(with help with the crew that soon evolved into KNB FX)and Romero’s slam on the Army and military of the 80s(who he later treated kindly in SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD),since they are the main bad guys here. Skip the gratuitious remake(which reallys adds nothing new to the story).

* LAND OF THE DEAD: after skipping a decade,George Romero returned to the DEAd films with the first of three entries for the 00s,with this one as much as commentary of society selfishly ignoring the Dead problem(and later fatally paying for it),and the zombies evolving into using weapons and becoming more domesticated(as they were in their former non-corpses state lives). The audience is divided on this one,but it’s a Romero DEAD film and he delivers another entertaining and splattery adventure romp through zombie land.

* THE QUICK AND THE UNDEAD: as far as low budget and no budget zombie films go,this one is surprisingly enjoyable,as a zombie hunter battles a group of rival zombier hunters in this neo-horror western that’s full of original plot twists and major league splatter,with Parrish Randall displaying a strongly imposing on-screen presence as the lead bad guy who’s creating both his own zombies and his own zombie plague for his own financial purposes.

* ROOM 6: another Anchor bay film that’s another twist on the CARNIVAL OF SOULS “jorueny-through-the-afterlife” sub-genre,as Christine Taylor(THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE’s Marcia) journeys to find a mysterious hospital where her car acident-strciekn boyfriend has been taken to satisfy the needs of the hospital’s sadistic staff,with an accompanying man(Jerry O’Connell)who knows its secret. Kinda sloppy but okay to view.

* THE ABOMINATION: Bret McCormick(Max Raven)’s splatter happy tale that’s sloppy on acting,filmmaking skill and storytelling but is ambitious in its concept of a tumor transforming into a THING/DEADLY SPAWN-inspired monster that takes over a young man’s house and drives to kill any oncoming person for much-needed food.

* THE CROW: despite three extremely terrible sequels(that didn’t need to be made),this hybrid horror actioneer is still powerful via Brandon Lee’s strong performance(in the title supernatural hero role)and Alex Proya’s atmospheric directing(which he could never pull off in his follow-up films).

The Next And Final Entry Is On The Way…

Steven M.


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