WTF ?!: Concept Art: Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven in The Crow Remake

Concept Art: Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven in The Crow Reboot |

As the link above points out,this is how Bradley Cooper(THE HANGOVER films,THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN)would have looked had he played Eric Draven in that planned remake of THE CROW,had it ever filmed,for I’m glad that it pretty much met the same fate as the REVENGE OF THE NERDS remake in having never filmed(although the NERDS redux halted its production during mid-filming when its production budget money ran out on them).

Justin Bieber Got Some Chick Pregnant ?! Nawwwwwwww…Herman Cain Would Have Easily Accomplished That(Since He’s Nowadays The New Lothario On The Block,And Not Some Pipsqueak Kid Like Bieber)

Steven M.


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