2011’s Biggest Turkeys

Here is it:that very seasonal item that I always highly look forward to doing—The Year’s Biggest Turkeys,for without further due here they are….

* Charlie Sheen: this guy dominated the first half of the year with his drug binges,out-of-control behavior,his leaving behind his hit TV series “Two-And-A-Half Men”,his frequent dropping of the terms “Winning”,”Tiger Blood”,and “Warlock”,and his comedy tour that was a major bomb. Too much of this guy really went too long of a way(with even his two girlfriends/”Goddesses” ditching him behind)and thankfully ended at the time when it really needed to end(and has thankfully stayed that way).

* Casey Anthony: party harty young child killer that got an overly mega-media pulbicity all over the news and television,and ended with her receiving a very undeserving acquittal that had her walking and outraged millions of Americans nationwide,for thinking about this chick makes me nauseaous.

* Donald Trump: celebrity billionaire who ran for President(as an Indpendent candidate)in 2000 and showed his true colors when he sided with the far-right Republicans and the ever further-right Tea Party in teasing a Presidential run that thankfully never came to be,for this heavily publicized move only displayed Trump as an even despicable person more than ever.

* Rebecca Black: the 13-year-old whiz kid who used her Mommy-and-Daddy’s basement and computer to create her one-hit-wonder song “Friday”,a song so popsy and overly cutesy that it not only made millions of Americans nauseaous and ready to vomit but also took the top honor of “2011’s Worst Song” and placed Rebecca not only in the shameful halls of infamy but made her 15 Minutes Of Fame go faster than any other reality based-celebrity you can name.

* Matt Hardy: this former WWE wrestling great massively showed what an incredible piece-of-work he was with not only his notorious drug-infused YouTube videos where he frequently talked like a raving madman and thought he saw ghosts lurking in his house,but  also chalked up several DUI intoxication arrests and has failed in his stint in a WWE-sponsored rehab and is in jail for failing a breathilizer test,for it 2012 in what truly insane stunts will Matt pull out from under his sleeves next.

* Jerry Stanusky: the Penn State coach who not only showered with boys and horse played with them but did lots of very naughty stuff with them that landed him in The Crossbar Hotel,where the Leslie Nielsen-looking Short Eyes(who pulbicly stated he was innocent) is now hiding from the inamtes that want to play Pokey,keep saying “Don’t drop the soap !”,and endlessly call him “Shirley”.

* Dr. Conrad Murray: he could have said “No !” to Michael Jackson,who increasingly emanded to be given him more sleeping drugs but he foolishly gave in and allowed MJ to overdose and have his three kids lose their beloved Daddy,and is now behind bars probably regretting for having done so(and become one of the ravenous media’s public whipping boys).

* I don’t know who to play at Spot Number 8,but the politicians(such as Michelle Bachmann,Rick Perry,Herman Cain,evevryone in Congress,and Ron and Raul Paul)are all too easy targets(since everyone in every nameable political party[whether it be left,right,or middle] are all weasels,a certain politically incorrect,highly arrogant,homophobic potty mouthed wrestling podcast host(who I refuse to name because he can’t take constructive criticism and doesn’t deserve any free publicity,for find the audio clips of his Monday night show on YouTube’s TVTrax page to know who’s the lucky stool pigeon/wannabe rocket scientist I’m referring to),and the Occupy Movment people are too easily sidious to place,for it’s pretty much open to any current fad and anyone obnoxious who doesn’t deserve to be in the media(whether it be movies,television,or Internet-based).

Happy Thanksgiving,Everyone !!!

Steven M.



About stevenmillan

I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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