Album Review: Nickelback’s New Album

This past Thanksgiving week was the debuts of both of the new albums by Nickelback and Daughtry(ex-“Americna Idol’ contestant Chris Daughtry’s band) and I pretty much passed up on Daughtry’s new album “Break The Spell”(whose much better title should be “Come Smell What Our Album Is Reeking”) for Nickelback(whose music is heaven to some,and musical ear torture to others),who at least can put out some hard rocking tunes when they’re not busy trying to applease their corporate major label gods(as they did with the ballads-heavy “All The Right Moves”),for let’s quickly see what vinyl recording that Chad Kroeger and the boys have in store for us…

Needless to say,Nickelback’s new album “Here And Now” is pretty much like the last album “Dark Horse” in being a mixture of hard rocking tunes and syrupy ballads,with the hard rock songs being somewhat bland(such as the AC/DC “Have A Drink On Me”-inspired ode-to-beer-drinking song “Bottoms Up”)and the soft ballads(which include “Lullaby”,”Holding On To Heaven”,and the first single “When We Stand Together”)being as pancake syrupy as ever,for the album’s three best songs are mainly “Midnight Queen”,”Gotta Get Me Sme”,and “Everything I wanna Do”(all three about girl chasing),otherwise this album isn’t one of their bests and a step down from their previous work,for it’s not MoneyBack but pretty anemic compared to their past stuff(fully showing why that Facebook pickle beat them in fan popularity[much to the resulting anger of Chad Kroeger]) and it heavily shows that Nickelback is pretty much strongly bound to contribute(and perform)for the future commercial mainstream soundtracks of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 and TWILIGHT:BREAKING DAWN 2.

I Didn’t Shop On This Past Maniacal Black Friday(Since I Did My Pre-Black Friday Shopping Two Days Early[To Avoid The Black Friday Chaos])

Steven M.


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