Now Michael Bay Wants Behind The Wheels Of The Next HALLOWEEN Film

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According to the above link,Michael Bay(who needs no introduction) now is yearning to get behind the wheel of the next HALLOWEEN film,which has long stalled after Rob Zombie’s God awful sequel and the attempts of both Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer to make a 3-D sequel and another teempt to make it into a PG-13 tween thriller,for given this series’ mostly bad luck they might as well make Meussiur Bay’s wish come true and hand over the reigns to him to do the next film(even if he re-reboots it),for Meussiur Bay couldn’t do any worse than Rob Zombie,Dominique Girald,Joe Chappelle,Steve Miner,Rick Rosenthal,and the other HALLOWEEN sequels filmmakers.

Too bad that John Carpenter never took up on the offer to allow Cannon Films’ Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus to make HALLOWEEN 4(and its sequels),since the Golan/Globus team would have possibly brought a lot better to the table than the other eventual sequels(and Rob Zombie’s reboot/”remake”) did.

Oh,Wow. A Book Is Coming Out Saying That O.J. Simpson Didn’t Do It(But That His Son Did It):Who The Fuck Cares About This Overdone,Overly Dragged Out Saga,For Let It Die Already(And Let O.J. Rot Behind Bars)….

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