Jackie Chan’s latest (and perhaps last) action film coming this December

Jackie Chan’s latest and perhaps last action film to be released this December.

Coming to Asian thraters this December is Jackie Chan’s latest actioneer CHINESE ZODIACS,which reunites him with Stanley Tong(of RUMBLE IN THE BRONX,THE MYTH,and FIRST STRIKE) and is rumored to be the longly awaited ARMOUR OF GOD 3/OPERATION CONDOR 3,with Jackie saying that this might possibly be his last action film,a statement that’s not surprising since Jackie’s most recent films(such as LITTLE BIG SOLDIER,ROBIN B. HOOD,and NEW POLICE STORY)have been low on action(and fight sequences)and more on drama and characters,considering that Jackie is slowly approaching 60 and doesn’t have the keenness for those action-heavy films of the past(ala Jet Li with his more recent post-EXPENDABLES films).

Otherwise,it’ll be very interesting to see how Jackie’s upcoming new film(which filmed worldwide on a $10-$70 million dollar budget)will play out once it’s released,and if he’ll contribute as many new important martial arts sequences as he did in the past).

R.I.P.: Dick Clark(The “Eternal Teenager”)

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