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Hogan set to lead TNA, says it will ‘focus on wrestling’ –

As seen in the link above,two days after “The Franchise” Shane (Legend In His Own Immensively Egotistical Mind) Douglas’ Extreme Reunion pulled an Epic Fall bomb(via the mainstream wrestling fans turning away from it and not wanting it,and the sad consequences that resulted from it:Sabu having a prescription drugs setback[that resulted in a last minute trip to the hospital] and Justin Credible getting booted out of the area for marijuana useage) on its fans and PPV results,Hulk Hogan has added yet another ridiculous claim(alongside his recent “Metallica asked me to join them” remarks which proved to be false) that further his downward fall from wrestling legend to washed-up has-been superstar,as Hogan is now saying that he’s coming up with a revolutionary idea that’ll bring a major impact to wrestling.

What?!…What?!…What?!….wasn’t that done 16 years ago at WCW with the nWo/Hulk Hogan heel[bad guy] turn angle that helped propel wrestling(alongside the WWE success of Steve Austin) back into the mainstream(for a while,anyway),for with his two-and-a-half year run in TNA alongside his business partner(/ex-WCW head honcho) Eric Bischoff,Hogan hasn’t proven to be a rating success to help further TNA into a WWE/WCW-esque successful wrestling company,for both Hogan and Bischoff have been clearly out of ideas for the last ten years and have done more to infuriate the fans than impress them,since this latest Hogan claim doesn’t look to bring any hope or promise to bring him back into the good graces of the fans and/or the wrestling universe(which is in sheer need of another kick-in-the-pants to propel it back up[and being much-needed realism and believability to it],since CM Punk hasn’t quite proven himself to be the heir to the Austin/The Rock throne of mega-successful wrestler)and looks just as badly wretched as a terrible HOGAN KNOWS BEST episode(as well as will draw another infuriated Twitter comment from Scott Steiner[who’s really on a Hogan/Bischoff/TNA bashing roll]).

R.I.P.: Jonathan Frid(The Original Barnabas Collins[Of DARK SHADOWS Fame])

Steven M.

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