MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Remake With Tom Cruise ?!? Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

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According to the above link,MGM is planning a remake of the western classic THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN,with Tom Cruise attached to it. WTF ?!?!

Oh,great:another disposable and needless remake that we really don’t need,for the producers of the four original MAGNIFICENT SEVEN movies must desperately need some extra money($$$) to be allowing their flagship film to be remade(heck,THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN was an Americanized western remake of THE SEVEN SAMURAI,as was BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS[a sci-fi version of that Japanese tale]),for I have nothing against remakes since some remakes can do wonders upon improving upon the original films(such as 1978’s INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS and 1986’s THE FLY:sorry,but 2004’s DAWN OF THE DEAD doesn’t count[which{alongside Gus Van Zant’s PSYCHO] kicked off this modern remake cycle]),but all that these endless modern remakes do nothing more but tarnish the appeal,mystique,quality,and uniqueness of the original films(and what made them so appealing) and this new MAGNIFICENT SEVEN won’t be any better.

On a positive note,today marks Christopher Lee’s 90th. birthday,for he’s very lucky to be alive and still making movies(with DARK SHADOWS[as the crusty old sea man] being his latest).

R.I.P.: Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb

Steven M.

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