It’s June Already: Peet Peeves And One News Item

It’s surprisingly already June and we’re halfway in the middle of the year already(with PROMETHEUS premiering in theaters next week,both THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and THE DARK KNIGHT RISING coming to theaters next month,and the Presidential elections soon on the way[now that Mitt Romney is the official GOP/Republican party nomination]),for nothing exciting for me in my life except for a few Pet Peeves to quickly discuss about…

* Debbie Rochon On Fangoria’s Front Cover: Oh,wow. How cool. Acting hack Debbie Rochon is this month’s “flavor-of-the-month” Fangoria front cover item over PROMETHEUS(and even over the great Barbara Steele[whose new film THE BUTTERFLY ROOM is coming soon upon us]),for other than being the feminist anti-nudity Editrix at Femme Fatales magazine in the early/mid 90s(via her then-boyfriend who worked at that zine[and got her that gig])and later graduating to doing nude roles in over 900 crappy Straight-To-DVD horror films(to earn the big bucks),she hasn’t done anything legendary and worthy to nab this top spot,for yes,it’s that she’s part of the current Fango staff(and close buddies with them,too),for what’s next:Snooki or JWoww(JCoww) on the Fango front cover ?!

* Joss Whedon Fanboy Scum: They’ve been everywhere like a highly devoted army in praising and defending the overrated,overbloated films that are THE CABIN IN THE WOODS(one of the year’s Worst Films) and THE AVENGERS and mightily cherishing AVENGERS’ mega millions box office gross,even going to the point of saying that Christopher Nolan sucks and that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will mightily fail. This is on-line trash that I can happily live without and I’m so happy to delete and block off my Facebook page(when the opportunity comes).

* PIRAHNA 3DD Dumped By Dimension/Miramax: Alexandre Aja’s PIRAHNA 3-D was a big office hit and you’d think that this new PIRAHNA film would get a nationwide release,but not according to the Weinstein Bros. and the folks at Dimension/Miramax who are foolishly dumping this film to both under 100 theatrical screens and the VOD(Video-On-Demand) universe,cheating nearly everyone out of seeing this film on the big screen and having to wait till the Fall for its impending DVD/Blu Ray release. So much for Gary Busey’s longly awaited theatrical comeback(his first theatrical film in 14 years[since SOLDIER]).

* Phillip Phillips Wins AMERICAN IDOL: Wow. Another talent laden jabroni who’ll easily be forgotten and not make a major dent on the charts in the next few years. Who ?!? That’s what everyone is asking(whenever they hear that jabroni’s name) about that definite future has-been/washed-up never-was.

* Brooke Hogan In TNA: That twit Dixie carter continues to infuriate the wrestling community with her joke of a wrestling federation that is TNA(a.k.a.: WCW:Part Deux/2)as she’s now allowed Brooke Hogan(daughter of wrestling has-been Hulk Hogan) to part of the entourage and made her in charge of the Knockouts division,for expect more major talents to be making their exoduses from this idiotic company(as it furthers slides downhill and under the pipes of the toilet bowl[as long as Trixie Dixie,Hulk Hogan,Eric Bischoff,and Bruce Pritchard are in charge]).

And one quick news item:Shout! Factory is giving HALLOWEEN II a DVD/Blu Ray re-release this Fall,for those who own the controversial previous Blu Ray(with Moustappha Akkad’s name off the credits and the R-rated version of TERROR IN THE AISLES included on the BR disc) will have to very tightly hold onto that BR disc as it’ll soon become a Collector’s Item rarity once that the new version of the HALLOWEEN II BR is released.

I’m done here….for now,anyway….’till the next time.

Wow. Snooki(A.K.A.:Snooknuts[/Snooknutz] The Hobbit,Snook-It The Hobbit) Is Proudly Pregnant. And Soon To Be Married To That Jovanni Guy. Who The Fucking Hell Cares ?!

Steven M.

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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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1 Response to It’s June Already: Peet Peeves And One News Item

  1. Vincent says:

    Like this post.

    Nice to know I’m not the only person that’s annoyed by Joss Whedon’s groupies.

    What would Rochon’s career be without nepotism and nude scenes? When she’s not contradicting herself, she’s bad-mouthing the studio-system that she so desperately wants to be part of. She is not an icon, but she truly is the queen-of-crap-cinema. And Crapgoria magazine has been going down-hill for a very long time ( just ask all the writers that were screwed over by them – read SHOCK CINEMA’s facebook page ).

    Also, I had no idea they were doing that to PIRAHNA 3DD, I really wanted to see it on the big screen.

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