Of Bullshit Rumors And Tragic Passings

The last few weeks have sadly succumbed to what amounts of both the passings of two major cult movie icons and a trio of bullshit news items,which I’ll start this blog entry off with…

* PHANTASM 5 Is Happening: it’s not 100 % officially and anything on the happening of this longly awaited sequel isn’t official until it comes from the lips of PHANTASM creator/filmmaker Don Coscarelli himself.

* TWILIGHT Redux/Reboot: with the fifth and final TWILGHT film BREAKING DAWN:Part 2 coming out in November,there are now rumors of a series remake/reboot being considered,for nope!  No TWILIGHT remake or reboot is happening,and though there are possible rumors of a new TWILIGHT sequel featuring Jacob and the rest of the Cullen vampire clan happening in the near future,it’s just only a rumor until the TWILIGHT producers and TWIGHT creator Stephanie Meyer say so themselves.

* Rob Zombie Directing Quirky Hockey Drama: with post-production work on THE LORDS OF SALEM set to resume later this Summer(after the end of his current co-headlining tour with Megadeth),Rob Zombie has too many other personal projects(such as deciding whether or not to finish up on making WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS into an actual full length feature,getting around to making his pet project TYRANNOSAUR REX into an actual film,and working on another new studio album) to be considering nor finding time on working on an offbeat hockey drama,which sounds just as believable as the rumors of Rob Zombie’s proposed(and highly rumored) remakes of C.H.U.D. and THE BLOB,for consider this just another bullshit item until Rob Zombie says so(about it being a truthful reality) himself.

Two tragic celebrity passings also happened in the last few days,with first Susan Tyrell(who’s best known for her roles in NIGHT WARNING[a.k.a.: BUTCHER,BAKER,NIGHTMARE MAKER],FORBIDDEN ZONE,THE DEMOLITIONIST,FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM[a.k.a.:THE OFFSPRING],and CRY BABY),and then Richard Lynch(best known for his villain roles in INVASION U.S.A.,SCARECROW,BAD DREAMS,VAMPIRE[1979 TV movie],AFTERSHOCK,THW SWORD AND THE SORCERER,and DEATHSPORT,and heroic good guy roles in RETURN TO JUSTICE,DELTA FOX,NIGHT FORCE[with Linda Blair],and INVITATION TO DIE[a.k.a.:WARRIOR OF JUSTICE],and his very different roles in the Rob Zombie films HALLOWEEN and THE LORDS OF SALEM[his last film]). They both gave very memorable film performances and they’ll be heavily and sadly missed.

Otherwise,I’ll end this blog entry on a good note that Charlie Sheen has landed the role of the President of the United States in the soon-to-film MACHETE KILLS,for while it’s cool to see Robert Rodriguez casting Sheen and Mel Gibson in his new sequel it’s a shame that he’s only casting big name stars and younger actresses and not cult cinema names like Fred Williamson,Billy Drago,Sybil Danning,and Nastassja Kinski in this sequel,since they’d make great on-screen villains for Danny Trejo,Jessica Alba,and Michelle Rodriguez to tangle with. But it’s Rodriguez’s film,for why go on whining about it(as long as it gets made and is another tremendous entertaining on-screen Machete adventure in his wild and action packed universe).

Child Molester Coach Jerry Sandusky Guilty,Guilty,Guilty on 45 Of 48 Charges Against Him: He’ll Have To Start Getting Used To A Lifetime Of Endlessly Dodging The Guys Behind Bars Who’ll Be Hurling Out “Shirley !!” At Him(And Wanting Him To Wear Lipstick And A Blonde Wig)

Steven M.

About stevenmillan

I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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