Farewell,Sage Stallone

On the heels of the passing of Hollywood producer Ricard D. Zanuck comes tragic word that Sage Stallone has passed away at the age of 36.

The son of Sylvester Stallone,Sage started his career with acting in Sly’s films ROCKY V and DAYLIGHT,but quickly moved on to forming Grindhouse Releasing with(future Oscar winning) film editor Bob Murawski(THE HURT LOCKER,SPIDERMAN[2001]),which became one of the more successful independent genre DVD companies that took its time in delivering excellent quality in their various genre titles(even if they took several years in the making),as well as acted in the films AMERCIAN HERO,REFLECTIONS OF EVIL,THE EVIL INSIDE ME,CHAOS,MOSCOW ZERO,OLIVIERO RISING,PROMISES WRITTEN IN WATER,and providing a voice for Jim Vanbebber’s THE MANSON FAMILY(a.k.a.: CHARLIE’S FAMILY),and directed the shorts VIC(which he also wrote,produced,and acted in)and ALAN YATES(about the star of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST).

Sage’s passing has left an enormous mark upon the genre film community that he loved so much,with many fans posting memorials and condolences to Sage’s family and friends all over facebook and the Internet,for he’ll truly be heavily missed.


Steven Tyler And Jennifer Lopez(a.k.a.: J-Lo) Have Left AMERICAN IDOL,Which Is An Entirely Different Subject To Comment On Another Proper Time

Steven M.


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