A Subject That Never Seems To Die(Nor Go Away)

Darden: Cochran ‘Manipulated’ Black Gloves So They Wouldn’t Fit OJ’s Hands « CBS Las Vegas.

Along with the recent massive on-line hoopla of The Fred Adelman Is Dead(…But Still Alive) Controversy(that I’m still completely baffled by[and don’t want to bother figuring it all out{since it drove the guy at The Scandy Factory to permanently end his Blogspot blog},considering that it isn’t worth any time to dwindle upon]),the O.J. Simpson controversy is a case that never seems to die nor go away,no matter how badly sick and tired we’re endlessly still hearing about it,considering that O.J. is indeed guilty and currently serving a lengthy prison sentence(for another different crime),for now ex-L.A. prosecutor Christopher Darden is saying that the evidence of the glove belonging to O.J. and having been tampered with(by O.J.’s legal “Dream Team”).

Wow. That’s a surprise. That is so groundbreraking to hear. For everybody already knows this by now and we all know how the case ended(as well as where O.J. currently is),for it’s just time to completely let go of this O.J. case once and for all,for all that’s been done(both wrong and right) has already been done and has already been fully concluded,door shut,for even Fred Goldman has fully let go of this case and it’s time that Christopher Darden do the exact same thing.

So: The New STAR TREK Film Will Be Called STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS :It Just Better Be An Awful Lot Better Than The Super Mediocre “Reboot” Trek Film

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