New Robocop Look:It’s More Like RoboFlop

Here’s the New Robocop! – IGN.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that softcore exploitation veteran director Alan Roberts(PANORAMA BLUE,THE HAPPY HOOKER GOES HOLLYWOOD,SAVE ME,YOUNG LADY CHATTERLY Parts 1 and 2) has been outed as the director of the highly controversial but incredibly stupid and amateurish looking INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS(which looks more like an Albert Pyun green screen film),the soon-to-be-filming ROBOCOP has just released an on-line pic of what the new Robocop will look like,and boy,it is motherfucking pathetic:all black and looking more like a fancy motorcyclist suit than anything robotic or cyborgnetic,for I’m expecting the new RoboFlop—excuse me,Robocop to be dueling it out with the new clown looking Leatherface(of the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW 3-D) on the big screen in the near future(in terms of who has the stupidest new look).

The new Leatherface,the new COME OUT AND PLAY(the remake of WHO WOULD WANT TO KILL A CHILD?/ISLAND OF THE DAMNED),and the new Robocop(ditto the upcoming DREDD,which looks pretty damn uber cool[and possibly resurrect Judge Dredd as the badass comic book character that he truly is:the less said about Sylvester Stallone’s completely botched 90s film,the better]): what new on-screen “remake” idiocy can possibly be coming up next ?!

R.I.P.: George Bowers(the director of THE HEARSE[1980] and PRIVATE RESORT[the DTV comedy with Johnny Depp,{a pre-NORTHERN EXPOSURE}Rob Morrow,and {a pre-stand up comedy}Andrew Dice Clay])

Steven M.


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