R.I.P.: Herbert Lom

Herbert Lom, chief inspector in Pink Panther movies, dies at 95.

The latest celebrity to have passed away is Herbert Lom,who sprouts a legendary career that is too lengthy to post over here,for at least he lived a good long life(till the age of 95) and ddi a few celebrity autograph appearances here and there in England,as well as created Commissioner Drefuss’ famous nervous winking twitch in the PINK PANTHER films(that inspired Dr. Evil’s similar pinkie finger-to-mouth twitch in the AUSTIN POWERS films),for here is the link to his numerous films below…


Rest In Peace,Herbert,for you’ll be widely missed.


SONS OF ANARCHY/THE O.C. Star Johnny Lewis(Who Was Also Katy Perry’s Ex-Boyfriend) Also Dead,But Suspected Of The Murder Of His Landlady,For He Only Gets A Mention Down Here(In My Closing Comments Section)

Steven M.


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