R.I.P.: Turhan Bey(At Age 90)

Turhan Bey Dead at 90: Starred in Technicolor ‘Easterns’.

Yet another celebrity passing has occurred,this time being 40s actor Turhan Bay,who is best known for his roles in THE MUMMY’S TOMB(as the mummy’s summoner/prote ctor),SUDAN,ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES,SON OF INDIA,NIGHT IN PARADISE,WHITE SAVAGE,DRAGON SEED,and THE AMAZING MR X,and took some time off and returned in the 90s to star in the likes of Fred Olen Ray’s POSSESSED BY THE NIGHT(a.k.a.: DARK OF THE NIGHT[with a cast that included the likes of Shannon Tweed,Chad McQueen,Sandahl Bergman,Ted Prior,a quickly cameoing Kato Kaelin,and Henry Silva]),HEALER(featuring a very young Tobey “Spiderman” Maguire),and the Don “The Dragon” Wilson actioneer VIRTUAL COMBAT(which marked his last film role),and appearances on the TV shows MURDER SHE WROTE and BABYLON 5(the latter wheer he made his last appearances on film).

He was age 90,an age which is quite a very long one although some ugly rumors have popped up that reaching that age(and over) is a curse to many celebrities,for I don’t know if that is true or not but I am strongly wishing that both Christopher Lee(who is 90) and Barbara Steele(who is 74) make it to the age of 100.

So,CM Punk Bitchslapped A Fan On WWE Raw In Sacramento,CA This Past Monday Night,For He Is Just Merely Being Old School CM Punk(Especially Since He’s Currently Back As A Heel Champion),And Nothing Else More

Steven M.


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