It’s Official: A New Disney-Back STAR WARS Film On The Way

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According to the above news link,Disney has brought Lucasfilms for over $400 billion and has made Kathleen Kennedy the Presdient of Lucasfilms,with plans unveiling for STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 in the next two-to-three years.

With this news so absolutely sudden,this news is now appearing everywhere and is so surreal and unbelievable(even though we always kinda knew that this would eventually someday happen]) that this is actually true and not an April Fools Day-esque prank being pulled on us by some wiseass Ain’t It Cool writer(who admitted that he wants no more STAR WARS films: Fuck Him !!!),for it’s majorly wonder news for the fans that have been badly screwed over by George Lucas for the last 13 years and deserve an awful lot better treatment,such as the full completion of the STAR WARS saga with the return of Luke,Leia,Han,Lando,and Chewbacca(with See Threepio and Artoo Detoo accompanying them)on new adventures,which now officially is actually going to happen,even if younger actors(and actresses) have to play them.

Now that Disney actually owns Lucasfilms and the rights of the STAR WARS films and is planning Episode 7 and the continuination of the Saga(even if it’ll be a neutered version of the Saga),I’m all for it(as long as it’s not catered to a kiddie audience ala the Prequels and is faithful to the Original Saga Trilogy[and restored to its original adult tone]).

Edward Furlong(Who Was Originally Slated To Star In That Planned-But-Canned STAR WARS:UNDERWORLD Tv Series[For Being Too Adult{?!?!}]) Arrested For Domestic Violence: I’m Surpsied That He Wasn’t Arrested For Making Too Many Terrible Straight-To-DVD/Blu Ray Films(Ala Leelee Sobieski)

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