Sybil Danning’s RUGER Kickstarter Project

80s cult cinema icon Sybil Danning is the latest celebrity to jump in on Kickstarter,as she propells her project of the planned future video game/film RUGER(the long awaited L.A. BOUNTY sequel) with her partner Les Brown but they desperately need our help in making this project(both video game and accompanying film[along with a graphic novel and Ruger action figure]) become a reality,for (so far) only six people has gotten involved as backers in contributing a total of $160 dollars for the project that needs to reach its goal of $75,000 in 18 Days(in order for this project to happen),which is very surprising to me considering that Sybil has a large fanbase which has been pleading for Sybil to appear in more films,Sybil having full experience of working with a large array of intertnational actors(and actresses) that include the likes of Klaus Kinski,Christopher Lee,Charlton Heston,Oliver Reed,Ernest Borgnine,Raquel Welch,Richard Burton,Henry Silva,Stella Stevens,Sean Connery,Patrick Swayze,Donald Pleasence,and Malcolm McDowell, and this project for a new film(which also functions as the long-in-the-works L.A. BOUNTY  sequel[as well as video game,graphic novel,and action figure]) can only happen only if you and other fellow fans can dig deep into your pockets and pull out some extra spare change and dollars to contribute in order to make this project come to life and really actually happen(something which I’m doing right now).

Here is the link to Sybil’s Kickstarter project…


Coming Soon: 26 Days Of Halloween 2012(I Took 5 Days Off Due To Lots Of Offline Projects,But Will Add Some Extra Film Reviews From Both September And November 2012)…

Steven M.


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