26 Days Of Halloween 2012: Part 2

The reviews of Halloween 2012 viewings continue…

6. FRANKENSTEIN:THE TRUE STORY: the well-made and ambitious 1973 Tv movie that is surprisngly graphic and grim for a two part TV movie,as it depicts the mary Shelley tale if it actually happened in reality and its fatal consequences,with main monster Michael Sarrazin starting out as a handsome being whose dead re-animated flesh begin to deteriorate and causes the title doctor to immediately reject him and transform him into the well-known monster,who when a rival scientist(James Mason) creates a beautful female being(Jane Seymour) whose overpraise and adoration further drives the monster to cause chaos and destruction(with Seymour meeting a grisly fate. With ROMEO AND JULIET’s Leonard Whiting(as the doctor),David McCallum,Agnes Moorehead,and a pre-DOCTOR WHO) Tom Baker.

* CRIMES AT THE DARK HOUSE: entertaining mid 30s British horror outing with Tod Slaughter as an insane stranger who murders a man and takes his place as he’s in line to inherit a large fortune from a wealthy manor-based family,who he happily bumps off in one-by-one fashion. It plays like a pre-Hays Code American film and is definitely worth seeking out.

7.  KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE: The Chiode Brothers(CRITTERS 1-4,TEAM AMERICAN:WORLD POLICE)’ super cool sci-fi camp outing about a small town being invaded by a horde of dangerous aliens who takes the forms of mutated looking clowns with murderous weapons(such as flying popcorn,animal balloons,and pies[with an acid-esque result]) in search of humans to snare for late night snacks. Downright entertaining in every way.

* ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST(a.k.a.: DR. BUTCHER,M.D.): the cool,spalttery,and entertaining Italian horror outing about a wave of corpse mutilations at a local city hospital that leads its investigators to a remote island where hordes of hungry cannibals and murderous zombies run amuck,courtesy of a mad scientist(Donald O’Brien). Dismembered limbs,intestines,and eyeballs roll amid the splashy gore in this too-damn-cool-to-ignore film.

* THE WOMAN: In what should have been called THE FAMILY,Lucky McKee(with help from jack ketchum) creates quite an impressive and sensational film that examines the inner tensions of dysfunctionalism inside the family of a successful lawyer(Sean Bridgers) whose discovery and capture of the survivior/queen of an extinct modern cannibal tribe slowly tears the family apart,with Bridgers and his tween son both descending into sheer madness as the title characters breaks loose for blooodlusting vengenace in the finale. Quite an amazing film(even when it moves slow amid the constant use of boring alt.rock music) that needs to be seen.

8. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A PORNO GANG: If you couldn’t survive the ride of A SERBIAN FILM,be mightily warned that this fellow Serbian effort goes even futher in its explicit depictions of the adventures(and misadventures) of a young filmmaker and his travelling John Waters-esque troupe of oddball misfit performers(with drug junkies,two AIDS infetced gay men,a transsexual,a BBW,an action hero wannabe,and a out-of-work actress amongst them) whose town-to-town travels drive him to reluctantly take the offer of a millionaire to make a series of snuff films featuring willing suidicial victims-to-be,with the fatal results and consequences struck among the troupe members. It’s an extremely harsh,bleak,brutal,but well-focused and well-made film that delivers the extreme goods,and then some(with a brutal sequences of the troupe members[both male and female] being anally raped by the angry citizens of one of the visited towns),in its full examination of life in post-cleansing era Serbia and the way human life(n that very country) is lowly regarded and looked upon,which makes extremely glad and fully appreciative of living in America.

9.  THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: the all-time misucal horror classic. ‘Nuff Said !!

10.  LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT: the Wes Craven produced 2008 remake(that’s more aimed at mainstream audiences[that’s not seeking grim and downbeat entertainment]) that pissed off half of the fans in its surprise sparing of the main vicitmized girl(who’s killed in both the original and in the Ingmar Bergman-directed inspiration THE VIRGIN SPRING),but there’s plenty of sleaze and major splattery gore(including a SUPERSTITION-inspired death for the main villain) that makes this film an entertaining guilty pleasure.

* NOSFERATU IN VENICE: the 1988 unofficial sequel to Werner Herzog’s NOSFERATU remake that brings back Klaus Kinski(with long hair) amid a slow moving plot that contains plenty of splattery deaths and gory impalements,quick appearances by Christopher Plummer and Donald Pleasence,and the surprise finale of the vampire getting the girl(and leaving the door open for another sequel[even if this wound up being Kinski’s next-to-last film{alongside COBRA VERDE and PAGANINI }]).

* INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHER: Phillip Kaufman’s superior 1978 remake that is downright creepy and grim in its depiction of the title pod aliens taking over all of San Francisco,with Donald Sutherland leading a small band of survivors away from the invading aliens(led by Leonard Nimoy[!!!]),amid a quick cameo by Kevin McCarthy(as a warning survivor). Interesting to note that all four BODY SNATCHERS films somewhat formed a heavily dark quartet series that surprisingly ended on a happy note with THE INVASION.

* KILLER CROCODILE: Italian chessy aminals-gone-wild film featuring a boatful of folks that are stalked by the murderous title beast,amid lots of splashy gore and appearances by Van Johnson and Sherrie Rose.

Part 3 Coming Up…

– Steven M.


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