26 Days Of Halloween 2012: Part 3

Onward with the viewing reviews…

12. JASON X:  the 10th. FRIDAY THE 13TH. film is more ambitious than the others but downright cheesy as it’s set in a futuristic spaceship with a resurrected jason killing the future’s teens and ship crew left and right,with some of the kills decents and some of them extremely lame and weak,but when Jason’s body gets shot to bits but accidently reconstructed into RoboJason it’s a real hoot. Kane Hodder is back in his fourth and final Jason film surrounded by a Canadian cast(including ANDROMEDA stars Lexa Doix and Lisa Ryder,and a handful of obscure Canadian teen TV series stars),and is the last decent film (sans the spin-off feature FREDDY VS. JASON) before that accused weakass “remake” killed the series(which was up for a longly awaited re-launch).

You won’t be seeing Days 4,11,13,and 26,since I was busy with off-line chores to do,so on to…

14. JUAN OF THE DEAD   Speaking of films that are a real hoot,here’s Cuba’s first horror film that’s a welcomed addition to the mightily crowded zombie subgenre,as it depicts a horny middle aged Cuban and his friends(along wit his full grown daughter) who take upon the self-launched task of  being zombie slayers-for-hire as the undead massively invade Cuba and eat everyone that comes along their way. With plenty of gory creative kills and commentary on the pros and cons of communist Cuban life(which is reffered to as “socialism” here),it’s definitely a must-see.

15. BLOODSUCKERS(a.k.a.: VAMPIRE WARS;BATTLE FOR THE UNIVERSE): downright Canadian cheese cinema that went directly to SyFy/Sci-Fi Channel TV,as it depcits a crew of futuristic vampire slayers who undertake the task of hunting down a horde of the title beings that are led by Michael Ironside(whose welcome presence always livens up any film he’s in). For those who enjoy watching severely serious cinematic genre cheesiness.

* JASON GOES TO HELL:THE FINAL FRIDAY;  And so they once again thought(until JASON X),as New Line Cinema acquires the series from Paramount Pictures(who kept the series’ quality down and cheaper looking upon every newcoming film) as it heads toward ambitious territory and uses the smilar storylines of THE HIDDEN and SHOCKER in making Jason a demonic being who can live on throug the bodies of those he possesses after his own body is exploded to pieces,until he can fully possess the body of one of his remaining relatives,with one of the relatives’ ex boyfriend(John DeLio[FRIDAY THE 13TH.:THE SERIES]) and a bounty hunter(Steven Williams[21 JUMP STREET,MISSING IN ACTION 2:THE BEGINNING]) pursuing Jason to stop him and send him straight to Purgatory(alias Hell). Blandly directed and palely written,yet it’s well-acted and surprisngly contains some of the most splattery setpieces since the first film and Part 4(:THE FINAL CHAPTER),since the producers felt it would be wise and more M.P.A.A. friendly if the killings weren’t committed by Jason(who’s merely a bookend to this film’s start and finish)with the very end left open for FREDDY VS. JASON.

16. THE LIVING DEAD AND THE MANCHESTER MORGUE(a.k.a.: LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE,DON’T OPEN THE WINDOW): Jorge Grau’s contribution to the zombie subgenre starts slow but plays off very splendidly as a handful of folks are caught between a newly tested pesticide machine’s effects that resurrect the undead and drive them onto a course for full flegded mayhem and destruction. Contains plenty of creep inducing moments,cool looking zombies,and plenty of splattery gore.this film is a much welcomed addition to the zombie subgenre and horror cinema.

17. THE MUMMY(1959),THE GORGON(1964),and PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES(1966): not much to say expect they’re major Hammer Films classic,with …ZOMBIES being Hammer’s only stroll through the zombie subgenre with very cool deteriorating zombie make-up and some minor gore,as well as a slow and somber but decent storyline.

18. THE WALKING DEAD:SEASON 3 PREMIERE; SEEDS ; I only caught this season’s premiere episodes and thoroughyl enjoyed it an awful lot more than the slow movimg mediocre second season,for it looks like they’re really making up for it and hopefully they’ll upload all of this season’s episodes(as well this season’s episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY:ASYLUM) on-line(since I’ve been sadly missing all of them).

SHADOW ZONE: THE UNDEAD EXPRESS; Canadian cable TV horror film that seems to be the pilot for an R.L. Stine-esque TV series that neevr materialized,but is pretty fun as it depicts a tween’s friendship with a vampire(Ron Silver) who lives with his bloodthirsty horde of fellow blood drinkers that he’s attempting to keep under control. Featruing a quick bookending cameo by Wes Crvaen(as the tween’s psychiatrist).

19. CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH: Troma Cinema Sleaze-And-Gore Classic. ‘Nuff Said !!

ONECHANBARA:BIKINI SAMURAI SQUAD; the campy Japanese tale of the title lone lady as she and her two sidekicks take on an army of the walking undead in Japan,for like BLOOD:THE LAST VAMPIRE and FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON INN it contains lots of CGI work but is highly entertaining and gory and is an awful lot of fun.

20. RE-ANIMATOR: Just four words to describe this film: 80s Splatter Horror Classic.

LEPTIRICA:THE SHE BUTTERFLY: Here’s a real rare find;a 1973 Serbian horror film that’s infleunced by Hammer cinema and depicts an undead bloodsucker on the loose in medieval Serbia amid a happening love story amid a lone traveller and a daughter of one of the village locals that takes up most of the film,but is put to much better use than the extremely boring and awful MONSTERS as the love story slowly draws upon a truly shocking finale. This film shows that the Serbians are capable of more than just Jorg Buttgereit/Catagory III-esque grim horror tales.

MARY,MARY,BLOODY MARY: this 1974 U.S./Mexican gory horror film depicts Christina Ferrere(of the John DeLorean cocaine scandal) as the title bloodthristy character who’s on a murderous rampage through the shores of Baja amid a loving beau and her pursuing father([a barely seen]John Carradine [in paper mache zombie make-up]). A strange yet entertaining rare celluloid outing.

THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK: no Halloween viewing is ever complete without a film from the one and only Paul Naschy,as he undertake a supporting role in this rarely seen Leon Kilmovsky sci-fi/horror tale that is strongly powerful and heavily grim in its depiction of a future populated by blind people and the survivors at a local manor(where they were to dive into a Marquis deSade-esque orgy before the apocalypse) becoming the targets of the blind folks when one of them foolshly kills a few blind men(before being justifially off’ed by one of his troupe),which all leads to an eventual NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD-esque assault on their compound that leads to an even downbeat THE LAST MAN ON EARTH-inspired finale(involving a murderous new human race). Otherwise,all I can say is that this film is an absolute Must-See.

Part 4 Coming Up…

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