26 Days Of Halloween 2012: Part 4

Now onto Part 4…

21. CORPSE EATERS: this obscure hour long Canadian dive into the zombie subgenre is major league cheesiness as it depcits two stories: four twentysomethings trapped in a graveyard full of resurrected zombies,and a swarmy morgue boss at work. With plenty of splashy gore,nudity,cheesy zombie make-up,and everything that makes La bad Cinema so much fun to watch(and endure).

SATAN’S BLADE:  an obscure 1984 DTV(Direct-To-Video) slasher film that is absolutely awful,as an unseen man is possessed by the title knife and driven to slay a motel full of two crews of various guests. With the regular array of gore and nudity,with the first 15 minutes setting up a violent(and murderous) robbery by a masked pair of lesbians who are then slain in their home by the killer.

STRAIGHT JACKET(a.k.a.: DARK SANITY): yet another obscure film,with this 1978 film being a worthy find as it depicts Aldo ray as a lone ex-cop after a killer who’s after a lady who’s moved into a new home that was the scene of the murder of Ray’s past love and reluctantly endures visisons of the killing. It’s gory and extremely well-made and well-acted(een if the revealed killer isn’t much of a surprise[at the finale]).

22. THE FEAST OF SATAN: this ealry 70s giallo depicts a woman who infiltrates the manor(and friendship base) of a reclusive millionaire who indulges himself in satanic ceremonies and may be responsible for her sister’s abduction and murder. Needless to say,it’s thoroughly entertaining.

23. MOTHER’S DAY: I hare to admit this,but I first saw this 1980 classic in the early 80s and hated it for its outrageous violence and backwoods sleaziness,but now that I’ve re-seen it I really do now love it and now get it with the touching humor between the bickering misfit duo brothers and their deranged mother,with their argument about the values of punk and isco being sheer classic. And the gore is pretty savage and massively delivers,for it’s Highly Recommended and nope:I’ve never seen the recent “remake”(nor care to).

24. FRANKENSTEIN(1931), THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN): I caught the recent TCM/Fathom Events screening of these films,for all I can say about them is: 30s Universal Horror Classics.

HALLOWEEN 4:THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS: alongside John carpenter’s/Rick Rosenthal’s HALLOWEEN 2,this is one of the rare good sequels that is faithful to the original film’s concept and is well filmed and well acted,for the less said about the latter sequels and Rob Zombie’s two re-boot attempts,the better(needless to say).

25. (JOHN CARPENTER’S) VAMPIRES: severely trashed as a failed John carpenter film,yet it’s brutally gory,downright stylish,and highly entertaining as james Woods seems to be having fun as the profane,insane vampire hunter after the horde of a powerful master vampire([90s DTV action star] Thomas Ian Griffith). It was followed up by two carpenter-produced mundane DTV sequels.

Part 5 Coming Up…

Steven M.

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