26 Days Of Halloween: Part 5

Now,onto part 5(The Final Chapter)…

27. SHE KIILED IN ECSTASY: I also couldn’t do a Halloween viewing list without a Jess Franco film,with this tale of severe vengeance fitting the list like a glove,as Soledad Miranda goes on a killing spree against the four medical board members who drove her husband to suicide after having his license permanently ended for his experiments on aborted fetuses. With Franco himself and his regular reportaire memeber Howard Vernon amongs the on-screen victims and plenty of nudity,senusality,and gore to applease the fans.

ALIEN 2:ON EARTH; Cheesy but fun ALIEN knock-off/clone about a group of scientists trailing an alien attack to a local mining cave,where hordes of THE THING-inspired beings attack them. It’s slow going but the splashy gore and the downbeat finale pretty much make up for it.

* EVIL ALIENS: Speaking of aliens,Jake West(RAZOR BLADE SMILE,PENANCE) pulls off an outrageous sci-fi/horror yarn that goes out of its way on being gory and disgusting in every manner,as a team of reality TV alien hunters encounter the real thing at a remote area,with every bodily fliud imaginable splattering everywhere and plenty of dismemberments,decapitations,and limb severings occuring. It’s enjoyable viewing in every way.

* LILY C.A.T.: This mid 80s Anime depicts yet another THING-esque being aboard a spaceship full of every cliche character imaginable,with the usual results occurring,expecting that the title being is a government controlled robot cat with its own agenda.

* EVIL ED: mid 90s splatter happy EuroHorror about a newly hired film editor whose constant work on violent horror films and massive pressures from both his boss and his ex-wife cause him to dive into a psychotic rage and go onto a splatter heavy killing spree. A bit silly but highly enjoyable.

* BLACK MAGIC 2(a.k.a.: REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES): East Coast grindhouse audiences went into full hysteria over this Shaw Brothers horror sequels,which depicts a war between a mild mannered man(Ti Lung) and a perverted evil sorcerer(Li Lieh[KING BOXER/FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH]) who unleashs an army of murders and zombies that are controlled by spikes in their heads. With plenty of nudity and gore to liven things up on-screen.

* SATANIK: this 1968 Italian film is truckloads more interesting than a lot of the films of the last 10-15 years,as it depcits a scarred aged lady whose frequent use of a formula not only transforms her into a ravishing youthful beauty,but also drives her to murderous intent,leaving a trail of dead bodies behind her. Vastly entertaining in every way possible.

* THE TOUCH OF SATAN: a cheesy but interesting and enjoyable 1973 film about a wandering man who spents the night at a remote farmhouse,where it’s the home of what turns out to be two wicthes(one eternally young,the other a badly scarred and aged lady) and their elderly children. Joe Blasko(ILSA,SHIVERS/THEY CAME FROM WITHIN)’s make-up FX are splendid.

* BAD BIOLOGY: widely criticized by many for its overly sexual nature,I found Frank Hennelotter’s first film since 1992’s BASKET CASE 3 to be extremely enjoyable,even if some of the bits(such as the pointless one involving a profane crackhead girl and her two male companions) go on for too long,as a young man with a mutated penis(courtesy of illegal drugs and steroids) meets a female photographer with a mutated vagina,which doesn’t happen till the finale after the major carnage involving dead lovers,an over orgasming hooker,mutant babies,and the penis running on its own sexual spree occurs. A much welcomed comeback for Hennelotter,whjo I hope doesn’t leave us waiting too long for his next film.

29. ANTICHRIST: Lars Von Triers’ artsy and surrealistic film caused a major controversy for its frank use of sexuality and violence,as it depicts a married couple(Willem Dafoe,Charlotte Gainsworth) on a vacation in the remote forest to recover from their child’s accidental death,with Gainsworth slowly descending into madness that unleashs a shocking Jorg Buttgereit-inspired 30 minute climax involving sexual mutilation and a dive into deep psychosis. If you enjoy the recent Serbian films and Buttgereit’s work then you’ll enjoy watching this film9since this film is a very pwoerful viewing experience).

* CANNIBAL MAN: early 70s Italian giallo that involves a young man whose self-defense killing of a profane cab driver causes him to literally dive off the edge and unleash a spree of gory murders. A strong film that’s a worthy find.

* THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL: Daniel Boussman’s follow-up to REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is a superior film that plays like a surrealistic live action Max Fleischer horror cartoon come to life,as three damned souls travel to the title alternate place for Hell where they encounter the Carnival’s various characters and become their objects for cruel punishment. A worthy watch with appearances by the likes of Bill Moseley,Slipknot’s Shanw The Clown,Skiinny Puppy’s Orgy,SPY KIDS’ Alexa Vega,Briana Evigan,90120’s Jessica Louwdes,and Paul Sorvino.

31. ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE: perfectly ended my viewings with a troma film,this one featuring scandal victim Rita Jenette amongst a group of vacationing tourists who wander onto an island where they stalked and slain(in one-by-one fashion) by hordes of drug dealers and a local voodoo cult. It’s a pretty enertaining film on its own merits.

Post-Halloween Films…

* COLD FISH: Sion(SUICIDE CLUB)’s recent film about a fish store owner whose troubled teen daughter’s crime theft results in his reluctant relationship with a rival fish store owner,who is a shady and psychotic underworld crime lord with grisly ways to make people “disappear”,which soon drives our protagonist over the edge and into unleashing his own psychotic murderous rage and its fatal results. Truly grim and dark but very entertaining,as only the Japanese can pull it off.

* EXORCISM(a.k.a.: DEMONIAC): Jess Franco’s entertaining 1975 tale about a defrocked ex-priest(Franco) whose rage drives him to stalk and slay the members of a local satanic ritual enacting troupe that’s led by Lina Romay(the real-life Mrs. Franco). With plenty of nudity and sleaze,as well as a grisly intestines ripping moment,it’s one of Franco’s more enjoyable outings.


That’s it for my Halloween 2012 viewings,for looking highly forward to doing this again next year.

Coming Soon: My Post-Elections Report,and My 2012 Turkeys List

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