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Since it’s hard to believe that December is now here(meaning 30 days left in this year,with that the Mayan’s End Of The World prediction,Christmas and New Year’s all coming on the way),it’s time that I start a-writing and be talking about some stuff that’s been on my mind lately(in the last couple of days)…

* DaysOfTheDead L.A. April 2013 Event: while it looks like it’s slowly shaping up to what might be a good show(with the likes of Bill Moseley,Roddy Piper,Mary Woronov,and Dick Miller attached to the Guests List),I’m a bit concerned about whether or not this popular convention circuit(in a time where there are so many[such as HorrorHound,Flashback Weekend,Hollywood Show,and Cinema Wasteland])’s West Coast debut will succeed for them,since it’s occurring two weeks before Monsterpalooza(Southern California’s somewhat semi-official replacement for the now-dead Fangoria L.A. Weekend Of Horrors[which is growing more popular every coming year]) and the DOTDL.A. organizers have been very mysterious about it and are moving at a snail’s pace at properly assembling this upcoming show,for I strongly hope(for both their sake and the West Coast convention scene) that it isn’t a Fangoria Trinity Of Terrors-esque failure(of absolute monstrous porporsions).

* THE COLLECTION: I can’t fully understand the life of me upon why the sequel to THE COLLECTOR was even made,since the previous film was a monstrous box office flop(and wasn’t even that good of a film),underrated genre veteran Juan Fernandez(KINJITE,SALVADOR,BULLETPROOF,A MAN APART) isn’t back as The Collector,and this film(with a similar nationwide release) is looking to be the same,since it(along with Brad Pitt’s new film KILLING THEM SOFTLY) is being swept away by the weekend money making duo of the new(and last) TWILIGHT and SKYFALL(currently resting comfortably at Number Two).

* Which brings me to: Films That I Don’t Give A Shit About: the likes of THE HOST 2,V/H/S/,S/V/H/S/,STAR TREK:INTO DARKNESS,INSIDIOUS:CHAPTER 2(Why ?! The first INSIDIOUS mightly Sucked !!!),RIDDICK(I’m not into Vin Diesel nor any of his films[even though I liked him as xXx,and they should have paid him enough to keep him in the xXx sequel{which monstrous failed}]),and Any Gratuitious Remake(Now I hear that SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE is going to get the redux treatment[with Charlize Theron in the title role]: AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH !!!) doesn’t stir my interest in any of these films(since they simply won’t be that good) that’ll get easily overhyped on those genre film sites,and then immediately tossed aside within two to three weeks later for the Next Big Thing(in genre films).

* Shout!/Scream Factory has spent the last handful of months assembling a massive calibre of nabbing many various genre titles,as well as a vast number of films from the MGM,2oth. Century Fox,and Universal libraries,for it makes me highly interested upon who is Shout!’s financial backer with the cash flow(that plays like the combined wealth of both Donald Trump and Fort Knox) to enable them to afford to gain access to so many of these film titles(which understandingly costs an awful lot of money to gain the official rights to) and make them such a major player in the genre film HD DVD/Blu Ray company game,since the likes of smaller indie companies Synapse,Code Red,Meida Blasters,and Scorpion have such a hard time struggling to obtain the right to so many of these films. Otherwise,I’ll be very carfully glimpsing upon the latest with these Shout!/Scream folks and see how long they’ll be in the genre classics rescuing-from-obscurity game before they take the Anchor Bay/Dark Sky route in abandoning restoring past films to producing and releasing their own features.

* AVManiacs has closed down shop for the Christmas season,following the departure of Wayne Schmidt and(brfiefly) Troy Howarth from that very forum board,with Howarth now back and TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK’s Chris Poggiail recruited as a new board moderator,for since AVManiacs took a major nosedive following the departure of Ian Jane,the board morale changing from once-intelligent conversations to various pointless posts and shameless plugs for various upcoming Arrow Video and Shout! Factory titles, and the careless ignoring by board owner Edwin Samuelson,it’ll be interesting to see if Chris Poggiali can use his class and savviness in saving the board from (the) impending death (that it’s currently heading toward) and fully salvage it or otherwise the recklessness of both Samuelson and Howarth will cause the forum to permanently fold(and close shop).

That’s all I have to say for now….

Very Slowly Preparing For That Upcoming End Of The World Beach Party(In Case That Mayan End Of The World Prediction Does Actually Come True)

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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