Jeff Speakman Vs. His Biggest Enemy Yet

  Kenpo karate legend/martial arts action star Jeff Speakman has laid quiet in recent years devoting a lot of his time to teaching his Kenpo 5.0 fighting technique,but is now facing an immensive battle against his biggest enemy yet.

  Jeff’s official site reports that he’s developed thorat cancer that has spread to his vocal cords and is dealing with having to have surgery(which’ll threaten to lose his voice,ala Roger Ebert) and chemo,which he is now currently undergoing(and taking supplements to aid in his battle),for Jeff really needs our help and prayers to make it through this ordeal and has opened up a medical fund at his site to help pay for the medical expenses.  

     This cancer tragedy has also happened on the eve of receiving news that he’s finally receiving financial funding for a movie project he’s been working on making for the last three years,which’ll now have to wait till Jeff is much better,stronger,and much more healthier. Let’s all very tightly(and very strongly) cross our fingers that Jeff makes it through all of this a-okay(as well as being able to save his voice[and vocal cords]).

Speaking Of Martial Artists,Steven Seagal Is Doing Some Good As An Instructor For Armed Vounteer Posse Members Guarding School Grounds In Maricopa County,Arizona(Where Fellow Actors Lou Ferrigno And MISSION IMPOSSBLE’s Peter Lupus Are Participating As Posse Members),With Police Work Having Become Seagal’s Second Career(Since He’s Deputized With Sheriff’s Offices In Arizona,Texas,New Mexico,and Louisiana)

Steven M. 


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