Current TV Shows I’ve Seen Lately

     With today(as of this writing) being Easter Day and the most read article on my blog surprisngly being “Current TV Shows That Suck”,I decided to pick a few shows to watch(as a semi-sequel,since I barely watch TV anymore) that frequently play a lot on cable TV and give brief reviews of…

    * DUCK DYNASTY: basically it’s just about a bunch of ZZ Top looking backwoods guys and their adventures,and nothing much more(to write home about).

   * MY BIG LITTLE GYPSY VALENTINE: this show is basically just “My Super Sweet 16” done Gypsy style,only that the young teen gypsy gals(who are being groomed for early marriage) look more like Jersey Shore clones getting lavish “My Super Sweet 16”-esque marriages/receptions/after-parties and wearng ultra lavish looking dresses(as if they were playing intergalactic princesses in a sci-fi film). Otherwise,there’s nothing much else about the show to add.

    * RIDICULOUSNESS: a show that overplays on MTV(ala THE HILLS,JERSEY SHORE,and THE REAL WORLD) that has its hosts criticiquing homemade JACKASS-esque stunts,for watching this makes me heavily wish that both MTV and VH1 would completely dump their stale reality TV programming for a full-fledged return to endless music videos(which [as we all know] won’t happen anytime soon).

   * KOURTNEY AND KIM TAKE MIAMI: the latest adventures of the Kardashian kids,this time with Kourtney replacing Khloe in joining Kim for their Miami adventures. It’s just another one of those “rich folks’ adventures” reality series that’s only for core fans of those folks.

   * SNOOKI AND JWOWW: another one of those “rich reality TV folks’ adventures” shows,featuring two of the biggest modern pop culture hambones around(JCoww and Snooknutz The Hobbit/Hobbit Girl),for it may be better than the boring THE PAULY D. PROJECT but it’s still only for core fans of those two East Coast chicks.

   * 1,000 WAYS TO DIE: a Spike TV show that’s overplayed,dowright boring, and demonstrate why that “All Mans’ ” network is so damn lame,complete with Spike frequently overplaying movies over and over to death(ala all six STAR WARS films[destroying the mystique of what made them once so special and appealing]),which you can’t blame the folks at the UFc for moving their programming over to the Fox Sports channel.

   * HONEY BOO BOO:  Lammmmmmmeeeeeee-ooooooooo !!!!   Next !!!….

   * BATES MOTEL: since I’m too damn lazy to catch up with this season of THE WALKING DEAD(I’ve caught a few,including the important Merle starring ones) and AMERICAN HORROR STORY:ASYLUM(which I unfortunately missed the entire season of),I’ve decided to catch as many episodes of this prequel series of a teen Norman Bates(Freddy Highmore[MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE]) and his Mother(Vera Farmiga[ORPHAN,UP IN THE AIR]) set in modern times(in a remote small town),for it does its best at attempting to lay true to Norman’s roots(even having him as the abuse subject of Mother’s young boyfriend),but loosens things up by giving Norman a kinda-girlfriend(a handicapped chick),with a few murders thrown in here and there,for it’ll be interesting to see what direction this series takes as it moves along(since it has major potential being being real good),and if it’ll remain true to the original films’ roots.

   * DINERS,DRIVE-INS,and DIVES: a Food Network regular that frequently plays,but is actually entertaining,as host/restaurant owner Guy Fiero checks out nationwide restaurants to reveal the secrets behind their tasty foods and gives positive criticiques on those yummy looking meals. It’s basically MAN VS. FOOD without the mosntrous overplate meal eating challenges yet(like MAN VS. FOOD) contains plenty of super delicious looking meals that are dangerous for both your weight and your blood sugar(yet look worth trying).

     Otherwise,I’m done with reviewing stuff on TV (for now)…

Happy Easter,Everyone !!

–Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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