Roger Ebert: End Of An Old School Film Criticism Era

15 Roger Ebert Passages That Epitomize His Writing.

Upon the week when I’ve freshly returned from the DaysOfTheDead L.A. convention(and Los Angeles),I have not only learned about the passings of Margaret Thatcher,Annette Funnicello,filmmaker Bigas Luna(of JAMON JAMON[featuring Oscar winner Javier Bardem in one of his early films roles] and ANGUISH fame)and Richard Brooker(of DEATHSTALKER and [mainly] FRIDAY THE 13TH.:PART 3/3-D [ as Jason,where he debuts his iconic hockey mask] fame), the massive outpour of the passing of legendary film critic Roger Ebert is still running strong,for here a few words on him(from myself)…

I may have not been the biggest Ebert fan and may have made some vicious criticisms about him(mainly his short-lived EBERT PRESENT AT THE MOVIE show[which he was planning to fund through Kickstarter for a return to TV]),I’ve always have deeply respected the guy and admired him as both an excellent technical writer(using various ways and forms of writing that are sadly missing from today’s new breed of writer[and newer film critics{mainly the on-line ones}]) and a superb film reviewer whose apperal was being truly honest about whether or not he liked(or hated) a film and was always willing to give a film a chance(to want to really like),which is the longnitivity of the respect and popularity he gained throughout the years that kept him going(and widely acclaimed). Yes,he did despise most of the genre’s film products(whether it would be horror,martial arts,or a teen sex comedy) but was mainly doing his job as a traditional film critics(despite being one of the newer breed of film critics that rose to prominense in the 60s,the 70s,and the 80s),somnething which I quickly got to understand as I saw what it takes to impress a film critic and what certain materials they are looking for in films(both artsy and technical)and despite massive complaints in the 80s from many genre fans he(along with film reviewing partner Gene Siskel) slowly grew to like(and admire) the types of film genres he once despised as the years(and decades) moved along.

Never has a film critic(nor writer) ever been held highly to such God-esque status as Ebert(a status which the likes of [fellow film critics]Rex Reed nor Gene Shait never achieved),with the many defenders he had,as well as his quick embracing of the Internet,on-line soclial media,and blogging(after his mid 00s/2000s operations that cost him both his lower jaw and his vocal voice[but never his literary nor on-line one]),for his vocal voice was still vividly remembered as he bravely moved on.

Yes,Ebert is now sadly no longer with us and it’ll be truly hard at replacing the only Pulitzer Prize winning film critic who many say can never be replaced,since there are many film critics that are virtually everywhere both in the on-line and off-line worlds that may be gifted scribes,,but will never achieve what Ebert earned(and has become legendary for it[as well as a major influence to many]).

A Tribute To Roger Ebert

The Liberal Politics Of Roger Ebert

I Recently Caught The New EVIL DEAD Film(Which Ebert Would Have Heavily Despised),For I Kinda Liked It And I Kinda Didn’t Like It,Yet I Didn’t Say “Meh !!” And Loved Its Sickass Gore,And It’s Currently The Number One Box Office Film(With A $26 Million Gross),Meaning More Sequels To Come…

Steven M.

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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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