One Boston Bombing Suspect Reportedly in Custody,One Remains at Large

One Boston Bombing Suspect Reportedly in Custody, One Remains at Large – Adam Clark Estes – The Atlantic Wire.

You all knew that I’d get to this…

This week has literally been rocked by explosions in Boston(during the Boston marathon) and Watertown,as well as a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas,for there may be a happy ending coming soon as one of the two bombing suspects/jerks has Finally been caught,although one of the two still remains on-the-loose,otherwise my full condolences goes out to the survivors of these tragedies,and to the families and friends of the unfortunate fatality victims. Hopefully,this insanity will eventually end very soon. (And no,I won’t bother going into speculation upon whether those bombers are connected to either Islamic terrorists,those pesky North Koreans,or any other terror creating faction[since we all fully don’t know until we will eventually learn the truth about it{once it is found out and revealed}])

Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM Is Now Playing(In Limited Theaters),For It Better Be Pretty Damn Good(Since I’m Already Sick Of Endlessly Hearing About It)

Steven M.


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