FridParamount Gets Rights Back To Friday The 13th Films(For A While)

Friday The 13th: The Film Franchise: BREAKING: Paramount Gets Rights Back To Friday The 13th Films!!!.

As depcited in the link above,via a deal between Warner Bros.(whose sub company New Line Cinema still owns the rights) and Paramount Pictures(the original distributors of the first eight films) has insured that there will be a new FRIDAY THE 13TH. movie or two within the next five years(which is the time that Paramount will temporarily own the rights to the series),courtesy of Christopher Nolan using both FRIDAY THE 13TH.’s Jason and the SOUTH PARK characters for his next film INTERSTELLAR.

While this news has the likes of Dread Central’s Uncle Creepy,Bloody Disgusting’s Brad Miska,the current staff of Fangoria,and all of the mindless on-line fanboys,geeks,and gimps(whatever they like to label themselves as nowadays) happily creaming themselves,I really hate to be an elitist fan but I actually find it to be pretty boring,since I’ve luckily rode the wave when the FRIDAY THE 13TH. films were at the pinnacle of their success in the 80s and their brief stint in the 90s and 00s/2000s,and unfortunately found every upcoming sequel to be more boring,unoriginal,nearly gory(courtesy of the then-overzealous censors at the MPAA),and copying the plot of the previous film[accompanied by endless bad reviews from both mainstream and genre film critics],yet New Line’s 90s and 00s entries(with the exception of the stale 2009 “remake”/”reboot”[known around my neck of the woods as DEGRASSI THE 13TH.]) creativily toyed with the Jason concept and took him to different stories(a SHOCKER/HIDDEN-esque plotline,futuristic outer space,and a clash with Freddy) that refreshened and stretched out his character(making him more than just one dimensional). Although New Line had a great idea for a new FRIDAY THE 13TH. film three years ago that was to take place amid a weather-seasoned snow covered Crtsyal Lake(opening the options for plenty of new creative kills) and be in 3-D(ala Part 3),it sadly never took off and I’m fearing that Paramount will just use Jason in mindless knockoff clones of its previous sequels(maybe the snowy season Crystal Lake plot would work,since it’s got lots of protentials[for being a great film]),otherwise I’ll just be expecting Paramount to have Jason pop up in their next PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film and/or recruit Rob Zombie to make a new F13 film(with Sid Haig as Jason’s long lost Dad,Bill Moseley as Jason’s long lost brother,and Jason having a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE/HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES/DEVIL’S REJECTS-esque crazy family,and plenty of genre celebrity cameos),and then toss the franchise aside when the five year deal is done(and over with,and the heavy box office revenue[/cash] from it has been fully made).

I’ll just lean back in my chair now and eagerly await the news of a new HALLOWEEN film where Michael Myers will turn good,have an S on his chest,and mightily fly through the air in 3-D.

Uh-Oh !!!: Amanda Bynes Has Been Getting Herself Into An Awful Lot Of Trouble Lately(Complete With A Really Bad Wig),For She’s Really On A Roll To Compete With Lindsay Lohan And See How Many Times She’ll Do Jail And Rehab(Which Are [Sadly]In Her Future)

Steven M.


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